Maze of Galious Walkthrough

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بواسطة santiontanon

Paragon (1770)

صورة santiontanon

23-05-2021, 20:28

I think the cross is pure luck. In my case, I think we were just randomly playing with friends in my home, and falling down the screen just randomly hitting with the sword we heard the sound! It was just a matter of patience to figure out the way to get it Smile

بواسطة ren

Paragon (1932)

صورة ren

23-05-2021, 21:04

What about the Doll? Do you get a hint for that? Smile That & the Cross (indirectly) are the only items hidden behind a destructible wall not? Regarding the Cross, you also have to (accidentally) know to jump into/against the wall... Tongue

بواسطة Randam

Paragon (1431)

صورة Randam

23-05-2021, 21:14

Yes there is a hint for the doll; what it does in the manual. I think also something in the game. And if you defeat the warping medusa head you hear a sound that you solved something. That is your cue to go investigate...

بواسطة Vahan

Expert (99)

صورة Vahan

24-05-2021, 00:18

Quick question about shrines:

I read that there are 20 in total, but I counted 19. Where's the unaccounted for one?

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