Racing game

بواسطة wimpie3

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صورة wimpie3

24-05-2021, 10:08

I know this is for the ZX Spectrum, but it shows what could be done on the MSX as well...

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بواسطة Pbk71

Expert (101)

صورة Pbk71

24-05-2021, 11:27

Really cool graphics Big smile

بواسطة The Apeman

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صورة The Apeman

24-05-2021, 11:29

Might try it out on my Speccy when it's released because it looks like another nice black-and-white game for that platform, but it looks like it still doesn't have the fluidity that a race game needs.

For me, really the only 8-bit 3D race game that has that is OutRun for the SMS. Or perhaps I missed a game or two?

بواسطة thegeps

Paragon (1175)

صورة thegeps

24-05-2021, 13:26

Maybe Wec Le Mans for Speccy

بواسطة Grauw

Ascended (10707)

صورة Grauw

24-05-2021, 14:15

wimpie3 wrote:

I know this is for the ZX Spectrum, but it shows what could be done on the MSX as well...

That game looks absolutely gorgeous. Wow.

بواسطة PingPong

Prophet (4094)

صورة PingPong

24-05-2021, 17:52

it is impossible to take advantage of VDP specific features like hw sprites, however i think done in the spectrum way could be done and will be very nice to have

بواسطة wimpie3

Champion (435)

صورة wimpie3

31-12-2021, 17:50

Anyone already discovered how the road is rendered in Life in the fast lane? That game uses a smooth scrolling road.

بواسطة max_iwamoto

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صورة max_iwamoto

31-12-2021, 19:25

My favorite ZX-Spectrum game is CHASE H.Q., it was really good on ZX-Spectrum 48K without ability to use double screen.

About the game in this topic, for sure they are using double buffer of ZX-Spectrum 128K. Also, if you pre-calculate road and fill RAM with it, you can just copy road during play without need to calculate so it will save lots of time. The top background moving only few lines, so shouldn't take much time too. And after placing background, you will need to place cars and foreground with masks. I think it could be done in 2 (maximum 3) frames. So there is potential to have 25 FPS.