Nationaal Videogame Museum

بواسطة Philip

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صورة Philip

27-06-2021, 23:07

Some msx computers found in the Nationaal Videogame Museum in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands:

Ofcourse I only realized to take some more pictures of the very cool 80's bedroom setup they made for the msx when I was back home :)

Also they have a shop with some msx stuff:

All in all a very nice place with lots and lots of arcade machines

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بواسطة Grauw

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صورة Grauw

28-06-2021, 11:10

Nice report! I need to go there sometime, too Smile.

بواسطة ro

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صورة ro

28-06-2021, 11:40

ok. So we currently have 3 museums in the Lowlands showing MSX systems, right? how cool is that. Cooler than the Dutch soccer team, for sure.

بواسطة meits

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صورة meits

28-06-2021, 11:57

I looked at the entry fee prices... You buy a time slot? Is it that crowded there?

بواسطة Philip

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صورة Philip

28-06-2021, 22:42

Meits wrote:

I looked at the entry fee prices... You buy a time slot? Is it that crowded there?

Well, we had the 14:00 till 16:00 timeslot on a sunday which might be the reason it was somewhat crowded.
There was more than enough to play for everybody though.

And I didn't ask, but perhaps the time slots are a covid thing.

بواسطة Avkooi

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28-06-2021, 23:30

Nice report from a great place, the Video Game Museum in Zoetermeer!

I was there late 2019 and the time slot system is pre-covid. You pay for a certain amount of time to be there and play the games. All the games are set for free play! Not only the old home computers and consoles, but also the arcade cabinets and pinball machines.

And they do have a much bigger selection of games than I expected. Not only old arcade games (Pac Man, Space Invaders, Out Run, Daytona etc.) but even some new fun ones straight from Japan, untranslated and all, like Konami's Scotto and Metal Gear Arcade.

Everybody should visit this great place! And like a real museum there are also written explanation cards with all bits of video game history. I know I'll go to visit them soon again.

بواسطة Thom

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صورة Thom

29-06-2021, 15:23

I went there in 2019 as well (july) and I don't remember a time slot system. Yes, you did have to know in advance how long you were going to be in the museum, but one could start right after buying a ticket. Starting at 11:33, 12:18, 14:55? Didn't matter then. That has changed now, for obvious reasons. Fixed starting times in these covid19 times.

And yes, it's a must visit!!

بواسطة Repair-Bas

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صورة Repair-Bas

02-07-2021, 13:34

There are more places (museum) where you can find msx.
- museum van de twintigste eeuw (hoorn)
- techniek museum (hengelo)

بواسطة zett

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صورة zett

02-07-2021, 18:18

More msxes and playeble @ Bonami computer museum Zwolle:

بواسطة FloriFuxx

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صورة FloriFuxx

14-09-2021, 11:03

Yeeeees that's the place that I've been to last month! I loved it! About the two other museums, can you only watch the MSX machines in a shelf there or can you see them in action, too? Even put hands on them? :-D