Attack! Mosquiton

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17-09-2021, 11:43


I looking for Attack! Mosquiton.

This is a game has released in a Japanese magazine.
I found this game on Planetemu and TFH under the bad name "Attack Mosquito II". This version seems to work but when I compare it with the video on Youtube, sound effect of the tank is buggy. It happens all the time.

The comment say this game comes from Monthly Micom magazine (月刊マイコンマガジン) 1986-06

I think the version found doesn't works properly because it has developped by a mad genius (Souji Ogawa). The program is constantly changing, even the BASIC part. So the slightest mistake in the program can lead to disaster.

This developer has made also Planet Earth.

I found it but i can't get it to work at all. I would like to get this one too. There is a touch of genius in these programs.

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بواسطة Oedov Oedidle

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17-09-2021, 12:16

Apparently there is a password mode in this game - haven't tried it out yet, but I will. I think the following are level passwords:

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18-09-2021, 10:46

I understood why Planet Earth doesn't work but I can't fix it. The game works only on MSX if the Main-ROM is in a primary slot. The developer has set up a sabotage system in the event of a modification of the program (at the lines 75-76 for example). It would have been a good idea if his program was well developped.

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18-09-2021, 11:53

You mean that it fails if slot 0 is expanded?

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18-09-2021, 13:06

Yes and it's same for the RAM.