MSX Bios could be open-sourced soon by Nishi

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17-09-2021, 16:22

@Nestor, I suppose the community could use some help from you (due to your relationship with Nishi) in order to check if he's for real about releasing MSX Bios source code. I can't do too much else now.

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17-09-2021, 16:36

Nishi wrote:

The msx was born in 1983, new development stopped in 1993, and the msx went quiet in 2000. Looking back, I realize that the msx as a true hobby machine began then, and as the person who started the msx, I am grateful that the msx has been remembered for so long. I am so grateful that you have not forgotten about msx for such a long time.

That’s a nice shoutout to the community there Smile.

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22-09-2021, 12:21


بواسطة konamiman

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23-09-2021, 11:50

Folks, I think you are overestimating "my relationship with Mr. Nishi" Smile

As I have explained in detail I was able to contact him and meet with him three years ago by some cosmological coincidence. I haven't had any further contact with him since then... until a couple of weeks ago, when he responded to a tweet where I mentioned him by suggesting that we meet by zoom. Not sure what he wants (or wanted) to talk about, but I emailed him and also I gave him my email again since he had forgot... and I've had no news from him since then.

So sorry, if I really get to meet with him again some day I may ask about this (and some people has sent me other questions for him as well) but please understand that it's not clear if that's going to really happen and it's not something under my control.

بواسطة karloch

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23-09-2021, 12:01

Maybe I am confused, but isn’t Microsoft the one who owns the MSX BIOS copyright?

بواسطة Arjan

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23-09-2021, 12:33

I thought Microsoft has the copyrights for MSX BASIC only, and the rest is copyrighted by MSX Licensing Corporation.

بواسطة gdx

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23-09-2021, 12:34

Microsoft owns the MSX Basic and MSX-DOS1 copyright.

بواسطة konamiman

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23-09-2021, 12:43

Arjan wrote:

I thought Microsoft has the copyrights for MSX BASIC only, and the rest is copyrighted by MSX Licensing Corporation.

That's pretty much what Nishi told me, yes.

بواسطة Manuel

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23-09-2021, 22:20

Perhaps I simply forgot, but did Mr. Nishi ever shed any light on MSX3 (plans, specs, where it stopped) and related to that the V9978 (or whatever it is)?

بواسطة edoz

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24-09-2021, 09:10

That is a good question