Dutch teletekst page 101

بواسطة Latok

msx guru (3938)

صورة Latok

24-12-2021, 23:57

Every year, Dutch teletekst page 101 contains a christmas greeting and this years page 101 was made by our famous Wim Dewijngaert, wimpie3 on this board...

Thank you, Wim Smile

There even is a newsitem on his creations:


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بواسطة wimpie3

Champion (435)

صورة wimpie3

25-12-2021, 18:10

With pleasure. Let's keep the eighties alive.

بواسطة Grauw

Ascended (10767)

صورة Grauw

25-12-2021, 18:34

Yes, I saw the familiar name!

بواسطة edoz

Prophet (2482)

صورة edoz

25-12-2021, 20:14

I love the greetings and thank you so much wimpie3!

بواسطة Haze

Master (151)

صورة Haze

26-12-2021, 00:44

Wow, I remember reading that article but not making the connection. Lovely piece of work there, Wim! And happy holidays to you too!