Futuredisk 46 pre-order opened (update)

Futuredisk 46 pre-order opened (update)

بواسطة LaDolceDols بتاريخ 14-02-2022, 14:21
المناقشة: Software
وسوم: FutureDisk

The FutureDisk team has been steadily working on a new edition of their disk magazine, number 46. The magazine is running, texts are being written, mini games are in the making. The team has decided to release the disc both physically and digitally. The physical edition will be available in a very limited edition and you can register for it from today! Due to the limited space on a floppy disk, 720 KB, a separate English and Dutch edition of the magazine will be made available.

Apart from the magazine itself the disk will contain 3 games. One being a secret, the other 2 being “SD Yab Yum” and “Chriet”. Release date is the Nijmegen fair on March 26th, 2022. The limited edition physical version is available for €20,- and the digital version will be available for €12,-. Pre-order for the digital edition will open after the physical edition is sold out.

More info on FutureDisk can be found on their Twitter account.

Relevant link: Form to pre-order physical edition

Tadahiro Nitta and FutureDisk are teaming up for FutureDisk 46. As read on Twitter, Nitta san will have a brand new track on FutureDisk 46. His first composition in an MSX production since 1991's masterpiece Illusion City. Quartet by bitsofbas has also been confirmed to be on FutureDisk 46. So if you haven't bought it yet, here's a second chance. FutureDisk will have a limited number of disks with them in Nijmegen. Sold on the day, not to pre-order. To be sure of a copy, the digital edition of the disk can be pre-ordered for 12 euros.

Relevant link: Link to form

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  • Futuredisk 46 pre-order opened (update)
  • Futuredisk 46 pre-order opened (update)
  • Futuredisk 46 pre-order opened (update)
  • Futuredisk 46 pre-order opened (update)

التعليقات (11)

بواسطة [D-Tail]

Ascended (8263)

صورة [D-Tail]

06-02-2022, 16:52

Cool, ordered! Looking forward to receiving this one!

بواسطة tfh

Prophet (3430)

صورة tfh

06-02-2022, 17:38

Sold-out Smile So now let's wait for the digital version Smile
Or maybe they will sell some physical versions @ Nijmegen....

بواسطة LaDolceDols

Expert (98)

صورة LaDolceDols

06-02-2022, 18:53

Re-opened, for a small amount. After that digital pre-order starts.

بواسطة LaDolceDols

Expert (98)

صورة LaDolceDols

07-02-2022, 10:06

Er was een aarzeling bij sommigen om de fysieke editie te kopen, door de taalkeuze. We sturen de digitale versie van de andere taal gratis naar je. Dat scheelt keuzestress! Bedankt voor de tip. Get those games n magazine! Smile Smile

بواسطة Xoslorg

Supporter (4)

صورة Xoslorg

07-02-2022, 10:07

Good morning, where you can reserve one in physical format, the link at the end fails me and does not let me open the page. Thanks a lot.

بواسطة LaDolceDols

Expert (98)

صورة LaDolceDols

07-02-2022, 22:44

Strange it doesn't work, give us a mail @ futuredisk AT gmail DOT com. Please write down your postal address and full name and note which language version you want. I will send you the conformation. Thanks in advance!!

بواسطة LaDolceDols

Expert (98)

صورة LaDolceDols

08-02-2022, 09:54

Xoslorg ... I made a mistake in the emailaddress! My bad, Xoslorg!!! It's Futurediskmsx AT gmail DOT com. Sorry about that, I hope you read this ! Smile

بواسطة Grauw

Ascended (10821)

صورة Grauw

08-02-2022, 16:54

Those initial copies sold out quick! Luckily there is a second round Smile. Pre-ordered!

بواسطة mariocavalcanti

Expert (114)

صورة mariocavalcanti

12-02-2022, 19:37

Congratulations on the comeback and quick sales! FD is iconic. Smile

بواسطة Randam

Paragon (1431)

صورة Randam

13-02-2022, 17:28

Wow it is already sold out? Grauw talks about a second round. I hope that is not also sold out yet? I was looking forward to getting one (or even both languages).

بواسطة LaDolceDols

Expert (98)

صورة LaDolceDols

14-02-2022, 14:24

Thanks guys. We will have a stand at the MSX meeting in Nijmegen and will have a few copies with us. Let it be a reason to visit this great meeting we have in The Netherlands. Tell your friends, grandma, neighbours. Come to Nijmegen. Or Beuningen. Or well. COME! Smile Smile Smile