NEC FM(OPN) sound cartridge PC-60m55 is compatible with MSX, Pseudo-P6ROM FM(OPN2) sound cartridge is compatible with MSX

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04-09-2022, 23:53

It is rather new to me. Some of You should already know.

NEC PC-6000 series and MSX have compatible cartridges pinout.

This implies that NEC's PC-60m55 sound cartridge can be used in a MSX. See this tweet by Sei or this other YT video by Tiny Yarou .

And this is amazing.

But there is more.

Doujin Niga2 Pseudo-P6ROM cartridge brings OPN2 to both NEC PC-6000 series and MSX. Some piece of information in hermitage akihabara and KENchan .
Specifications here .

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05-09-2022, 04:48

Very interesting and I definitely did not know the compatibility with the PC-6000 cartridge slot. It seems that the I/O ports used for the PSG are even the same on MSX (probably intentionally done by ASCII).

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05-09-2022, 10:31

Tiny-Yarou made a driver and a web page that explains the limitations.

There is also a cartridge (ESEP6ROM) made by Niga HP. It's sale as cartridge for MSX and PC-6000 serie.