MSXdev22 #28 MSXmas

MSXdev22 #28 MSXmas

بواسطة MSXdev Team بتاريخ 04-10-2022, 10:47
المناقشة: Challenges
وسوم: msxdev22, MSXdev

In the MSX2 game MSXmas you need fast reflexes to get Santa Claus his sled loaded up with gifts.

While December slowly creeps to its end, Santa is working his butt off to pack the sled with gifts. Rudolf, yes that red-nosed reindeer, is impatiently howling at the moon, waiting for his master to ride them through the nocturnal winter skies. Do reindeer howl, you ask? - find out in André Baptista's latest creation.

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Relevant link: MSXmas - MSXdev official
Relevant link: MSXmas - play online
Relevant link: Game play video

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بواسطة jepmsx

Master (194)

صورة jepmsx

04-10-2022, 12:16

Nice colors and graphics. I love the stars through the windows. Santa moves really fast.

Thanks for the game!

بواسطة albs_br

Champion (448)

صورة albs_br

04-10-2022, 14:27

This wasn't my original idea to MSX Dev 22, as I have not one but two "big" projects yet to be finished.
But none of them would be ready on time, and I think this one deserves a little more attention, I made some small adjustments and submitted it.

بواسطة albs_br

Champion (448)

صورة albs_br

04-10-2022, 14:29

For the title screen I'd wish 64 or even 96 sprites on screen, but line split is a magic that I'm yet about to master. So, just 32 falling snowflakes for now Sad

بواسطة gdx

Enlighted (5820)

صورة gdx

04-10-2022, 16:23

I wish there was mouse or Arkanoid controller support.

بواسطة albs_br

Champion (448)

صورة albs_br

05-10-2022, 00:57

Title screen has a bug on WebMSX set to MSX 2 (leftmost snowflake repeats at start).



Turbo R and 2+ works perfectly, as any machine or generation on openMSX