Unable to get Lilly Saga to work on megaflashrom

بواسطة foody

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صورة foody

10-03-2023, 17:49

Have anyone tried to run lilly saga game on megaflashrom because I have not been successful. I have tried opfxsd lilly.saga /k5 /u and when I attempt to run the game it just keeps restarting, restarting, restarting, restarting until it freezes in blue screen. The same when I have attempted with just /u. Any advise please how to get it work? If I try without parameters it also doesn't work. Anyone managed to get the game to run on megaflashrom cartridge? Thanks in advance.

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بواسطة ToriHino

Paladin (925)

صورة ToriHino

10-03-2023, 19:53

Yes i have it working on MFR using OPFXSD LILLY.ROM /A16

بواسطة Bengalack

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صورة Bengalack

10-03-2023, 22:29

Also make sure you have megaflashrom SCC+ SD.

بواسطة erpirao

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صورة erpirao

10-03-2023, 22:59

old megaflashrom only have 1024KiB

بواسطة foody

Champion (497)

صورة foody

11-03-2023, 03:50

thank you so much!! I play it tomorrow. Today is too late now. Yes, mine is megalfashrom scc+. You said old megflashrom only have 1024Kib?! WOW. That must make it a very limiting cartridge to use and limit the number of games you can play.

بواسطة wolf_

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11-03-2023, 09:11

It it wasn't for the music, Lilly would be much smaller... so yeah, I take all the blame... Wink

I have this feeling though that streaming music from a large ROM is an interesting area to dive into. You save CPU-time, and there's far more freedom as for what sequencing/tracker source you want to use - it's only the register data that counts. If more developers would find all this interesting, then bigger game ROMs could be expected in the future. Even if it's just because one can actually have a large ROM without requiring people to expand their MSX itself. It's an area which is a bit more elastic, so to say...

Only two downsides though;
- For lots of music you need lots of ROM (and let's not even get started about Moonsound note data), and some flashROMs may indeed be too small.
- You loose any kind of real-time interaction you could have with regular tracker/sequencing formats. But alas, how often did that happen?

بواسطة Manuel

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صورة Manuel

11-03-2023, 10:11

https://www.msx.org/wiki/MSX_Cartridge_Shop_MegaFlashROM for an overview of all older models. So be very specific which model you mean when asking a question.