Want to create a full collection of Konami games for msx

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بواسطة viejo_archivero

Paragon (1395)

صورة viejo_archivero

05-10-2007, 07:11

nikodr: impressive!. Are you considering laserdisc games too?

بواسطة LeoM

Master (229)

صورة LeoM

05-10-2007, 08:28

@nikodr: It is a question that I am struggeling with myself. When is my collection complete? I think I want all official releases, so if the same game has been released in another box, I want that too....

@viejo_archivero: If I'm correct, there's only 1 Konami laserdisc (Badlands) or am I wrong?

بواسطة nikodr

Paladin (748)

صورة nikodr

05-10-2007, 12:39

LeoM the collection i saw on your website is extremely good!I will not be able to do something like this in the near future.I don't think i will ever be able to find laserdisc of konami at good price (there was a bid war on one that ended hundreds of euros,with the same money i could easily buy Metal Gear 2 for msx).

I was very impressed from what i saw in your collection!Keep up the good work!

بواسطة LeoM

Master (229)

صورة LeoM

05-10-2007, 13:10

Thanks nikodr and msxrestarter for your reactions about my collection. And to yum; I hope to have a complete Konami collection one day.LOL! I've already started to make pictures and put them online, but that's a lot of work so it can take a while...

بواسطة JEZ

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05-10-2007, 14:33

Just a quick tip; on Yahoo Japan right now there is both a Pooyan card (which I've never seen before) and a complete Magical Tree in decent condition.

(By the way, I've never seen the a box for hu-cards. How were they packaged?)

بواسطة jltursan

Prophet (2619)

صورة jltursan

05-10-2007, 15:51

But usually it's near to impossible to bid on the Yahoo Japan auctions. You must use third party agents to manage your bids...Sad
The Hu-cards come usually in standard CD cases adapted to fit a card instead a CD.

بواسطة msxrestarter

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05-10-2007, 18:06

Bought a 'cheap' WSX once on yahoo, but with shipping costs and customers office fees it became a really expensive msx. I better bougth one here in Europe Crying
Don't understand how mega sellers like Eskroto or Rklok can import their hard & software so cheap Question

بواسطة Xan0ri

Master (176)

صورة Xan0ri

06-10-2007, 16:38

I also bought t-R from japan via eBay and the customers office fees were somethin like 22% (a tax) of the total price of the pruduct (few hundred euros), so the fees are A LOT. ..At least here in finland.
I had a tip from friend who said it is easy to "cheat" on this by asking the seller to make two bills. Espesially easy when paying by paypal.
One bill for few euros, and another for the rest of the total price. Then just give to the customers office the smaller bill & repeipt so they'll make the taxes by that price.
This should work (here in finnland at least). Smile

بواسطة nikodr

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صورة nikodr

06-10-2007, 19:17

I know how much it hurts,i bought an expensive microphone for proffesional use in studio recordings from USA.

They called me you know "WHO" about tax issues.I had to pay about 200euros as tax.It sucked but i needed it and had to pay.This was the first and last time i ordered something out of europe without knowing anything about taxes and costs.After that i am very careful in my purchases.

بواسطة LeoM

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07-10-2007, 21:59

Collecting MSX games?

You might want to check this post!


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