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بواسطة msxisland

Supporter (3)

صورة msxisland

13-06-2008, 16:12

Hello to all!
Since funet.fi ftp was closed I decided to create a web with all kind of MSX software.
It is a very simple web and the files are not as an ftp but in huge rar archives. But anyway, if you want to download them you will find a very useful software and documentation for our MSX.
Greetings from the space!



Have you even read the MRC policies, especially the section about warez (4.2)?

I bet not..

Needless to say, we'll moderate the links from these kinds of messages. As for your 'preserve MSX software' initiative, people all around this place know perfectly well where to find their illegal or legal MSX goods. We just don't want the links here!

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بواسطة thinlizzy

Champion (259)

صورة thinlizzy

14-06-2008, 23:52

Big smile

بواسطة ARTRAG

Enlighted (6914)


15-06-2008, 00:31

msxisland, do not worry, the cache of google is still spreading your message...

بواسطة Unicorn

Master (138)

صورة Unicorn

15-06-2008, 10:16

Sun, palm trees, a breeze and all my heart's desire…

بواسطة evulopah

Paladin (669)

صورة evulopah

15-06-2008, 11:54

Thx man..

بواسطة dhau

Paragon (1570)

صورة dhau

15-06-2008, 17:31

I wonder if adding .com to topic starter will lead anywhere

بواسطة wolf_

Ambassador_ (10076)

صورة wolf_

15-06-2008, 17:36

Just no written-out links here ppz, I'm sure you know where to find his place anyway. If the tricky hinting will become too obvious, it'll {go} as well.. Tongue

بواسطة msxisland

Supporter (3)

صورة msxisland

01-07-2008, 15:58

The web is again available.LOL!CoolLOL!

بواسطة FiXato

Scribe (1741)

صورة FiXato

01-07-2008, 16:37

I'm sure that that content goes against MegaUpload's policies as well..

بواسطة msxisland

Supporter (3)

صورة msxisland

01-07-2008, 17:48

Maybe is against all polices but I'm sure that I have made a little more happy some MSX users and that's why msxisland was made. Maybe is piracy, but as Falcom, Compile, Konami etc are no longer selling its products there's a lack in law about what piracy is. I'm not harming the companies. I'm not taking profit of it. So I think msxisland is still a good idea...

بواسطة cax

Prophet (3740)

صورة cax

01-07-2008, 18:45

The idea may be great, the reasons may be valid or not, but posting links to warez in the forum is against the rules of this site which you as a user declared to obey during registration.

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