Proposal for a new poll

بواسطة cesco

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صورة cesco

30-04-2009, 11:00

I got an idea for a poll, tell me what you think about it Smile

If you would have to choose one and only one game from all the winners of the previous MSXDev competitions, which in your opinion was the BEST EVER GAME released in the history of this competition ?

1) DEEP DUNGEON (Winner in 2008)
2) CAOS BEGINS (Winner in 2007)
3) MONSTER HUNTER (Winner in 2006)
4) THE CURE (Winner in 2005)
5) SINK KING (Winner in 2004)

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بواسطة hap

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صورة hap

30-04-2009, 11:30

Gotta be careful with such polls, it could make the people that created eg. Malaika, Lotus F3, Universe: Unknown feel left out. And, once the poll is done, the creators of games at 4th and 5th place could feel bad receiving just a handful of votes. Eek!

بواسطة MisterT

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30-04-2009, 12:41


بواسطة wolf_

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30-04-2009, 14:44

These things are generally more suitable for a megapoll instead of a normal poll..

بواسطة muffie

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30-04-2009, 15:12

Hose Diogo Martinez?