Yoehoe, look at me. I'm on FiXato (MSX Xpress/MAF) his back!!

بواسطة MSX Resource Center بتاريخ 18-10-2009, 21:10
المناقشة: Tilburg 2003

هناك صور غير موجودة ؟ أرسل صورك الآن !اضافة صورة

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بواسطة FiXato

Scribe (1598)

صورة FiXato

30-05-2020, 14:07

Hah, I think I still have that shirt, though its print has degraded quite a bit unfortunately.

بواسطة Latok

msx guru (3752)

صورة Latok

30-05-2020, 19:14

You, on the other hand....

بواسطة FiXato

Scribe (1598)

صورة FiXato

30-05-2020, 21:57

I've degraded quite a bit too... and as a result, the shirt might no longer fit if it was an L Tongue

I'm hopeful though that now the weather is improving again over here up north, I'll be able to fix that again too...