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New JBsoft software

by Sander on 18-12-1996, 00:00
Topic: Development
Tags: JBSoft

Also new: A new version of AGE+, the pc version of the populair MSX drawing package of T&E SOFT. And a first fully working version of the JBsoft assembler for Z80 and R800. This version is designed especially for Windows95. Check it out if you assemble for MSX. A dos version will follow shortly.

MSX Resource Center now uses frames

by Sander on 18-12-1996, 00:00
Topic: MRC

A few days ago I updated the layout for the use of frames.Some people like it, some not. Judge it yourself at the MSX resourcecenter at:

Yellow pages

by Sander on 02-12-1996, 00:00
Topic: MRC

Hello everybody,Gigamix Japan has yellow pages. On this pages (it's in Japanese) there are a lot of email addresses of net-msx'ing people and what they do or want to do or what they know about msx related stuff _and_ want to answer questions about.I am wondering if such a list would be helpful in the West. Think about it.