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Link DB updated!

by Bart on 23-12-2000, 14:48
Topic: MRC

We updated the links database today. Sadly we had to remove 19 sites from the database because the sites don't exist anymore. But the good news; we also updated 7 links so that the redirect to new updated sites!If you have an MSX site or know of one that is not already in our database, please add the link! All you have to do is login and edit the sites' information in the Add Link page! Thanx! updated

by Bart on 20-12-2000, 00:01
Topic: Websites

Hello MSX friends!MSX Power Replay has updated its web with some new special files...yes, after Barcelona fair (Salón del MSX) we have prepared a complete photographic report available in a big ZIP file.Not only this, there are news and some improvements, try it now!

Ikeda’s MSX Print 1

by snout on 14-12-2000, 16:32
Topic: MSX Revival

Just a now, I return back to my home from Barcelona MSX meeting and Aktu publishing(Dutch publishing company). About Barcelona MSX meeting. We, Yokoi, his wife, me, Satoko and Fumi visited to Barcelona MSX meeting. Yokoi who head of Frontlone Me(Ikeda) who head of HNOSTAR Japon Satoko who younger syster of Takashi Kobayashi who head of Club Gigamix.

MSX gadgets for Nokia

by Bart on 13-12-2000, 17:57
Topic: MSX Related

I made a operator logo for nokia 3210 phones (works for other nokia models too). It looks like this: Download the logo here: You can insert it with the Nokia Logo Manager, which is downloadable from various mobile phone and Nokia sites.Also another gadget for the Nokia phone: the Space Harrier ringtone!

fMSX 2.3

by Bart on 09-12-2000, 18:14
Topic: Emulation

fMSX emulator 2.3 has been released. Tip from Maarten ten Huurne:Also a tip for X11 users: if you get 'Opening window... FAILED' when starting fMSX and you’re using -DBPP32, try compiling with -DBPP24 instead (see Makefile).

Arcade Flyers

by Sander on 09-12-2000, 10:15
Topic: MSX Related

This is maybe a bit offtopic but haveyou ever visited 'the arcade flyer archive'?A site loaded with scans of arcade flyers. It’s nice to compare the Konami flyers with your MSX originals! Find the differences!

Check it out at