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Emulator Comparison v1.00

by snout on 06-06-2002, 23:34
Topic: MRC

The MSX Resource Center tested six popular MSX emulators for the Windows platform and compared them to each other. Are emulators as good as the real thing? Does all MSX software run on every emulator? Which of these emulators is the best choice? This and more in the first MSX Resource Center Emulator Comparison!

Bombaman Level Editor Promo

by snout on 06-06-2002, 23:28
Topic: Development

Source: Arjan Bakker on the MSX Mailinglist

Team Bomba have updated their entire site and released a promo of their level editor. With this editor you can edit levels for the ruins world.

Over here you will find a small summary of the games released by Project EGG running on the MSXPLAYer core. Although a small description of the games is given, I could not find a word on the performance of the emulator.

NLMSX site update

by snout on 05-06-2002, 16:52
Topic: Websites

To celebrate the third anniversary of the NLMSX emulator, the entire site got a nice makeover. In the past three years, this emulator got a lot of support. It now is considered to be one of the best MSX Emulators around.

6 new titles @ EGG

by snout on 02-06-2002, 12:17
Topic: MSX Revival

Project EGG, the project that releases retro-games running on the MSXPLAYer engine released 6 new titles yesterday.

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