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Two new MSX Magazines

by snout on 18-01-2003, 01:16
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Bernard Lamers/Kuniji Ikeda

Yes, that's right. After the huge success of MSX Magazine - permanent preservation edition (also known as MSX Magazine 2003) and Fun!

MSX info pages celebrate their five year of existance on the web.

PocketMSX Updates

by Bart on 18-01-2003, 00:45
Topic: Emulation

There's a new version of PocketMSX, an MSX emulator for PocketPC. Compared to the first test version, the following changes were made:

  • Soft keyboard support
  • PSG emulation
  • SCC emulation
  • ROM-mapper selection
  • Diskdrive emulation

Download PocketMSX v0.001 from this site

Z80ASM v1.05

by Bart on 18-01-2003, 00:39
Topic: Development

Release 1.05 of the Z80ASM, a homemade Z80 assembler, is available. Bargain (the picture compressor) was created using this assembler. Screenshots, more information and the possibility to download Z80ASM can be found at this website:

Bargain 4.40 released

by Bart on 18-01-2003, 00:35
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Bargain, the freeware picure compressor for MSX is updated. Release 4.40 compressed an example picture in bmp format of 55Kb to a screen 8 (BN8 format) of 1.4Kb. More information on Bargain 4.40 and a downloadable version can be found at

Gradius V for Playstation 2

by Unregistered user on 17-01-2003, 20:08
Topic: MSX Related

Konami has announced a new sequel in their Gradius (also known as Nemesis to european MSX'ers) series called Gradius V.

The MSX Resource Center went through a lot of trouble (and money) to import 67 software titles from Japan for you! We'll take those games to the MSX fair in Oss.

The MSX Resource Center will be one of the stand holders on the International MSX Fair in Oss. As usual, we're trying to do something special.

PocketMSX (initial release)

by snout on 15-01-2003, 01:45
Topic: Emulation

A new MSX Emulator for PocketPC's running Windows CE has been released. On the PocketMSX website you can also find a WonderSwan emulator. The current version only supports joystick-input. Keyboard input is yet to be supported.

Source: Ikeda's MSX print.

In a previous posting we reported about the success of the ASCII MSX Magazine 2003 and the 'Happy!! MSX Emulator and Games' magazine, published by Shuwa System Corporation.Kuniji Ikeda lets us know that the last mentioned magazine can be ordered through him. Price of the Happy!!

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