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Calamar Group on Madrid MSX Meeting

by zazel0 on 25-02-2003, 22:37
Topic: Events

Calamar Group let us know they will take part in the MadriSX meeting. They will be selling many new MSX products like PSX2MSX, PSX joypads adapted to MSX, RGB cables, FDD cables and adapted Nintendo gamepads. Also, a new sensational game, the MSX Hot Numbers Special Edition, by MSXKun will be released.

Anit-MSX-Revival counteraction

by BiFi on 25-02-2003, 16:50
Topic: MSX Revival

On January 4 2003 we mentioned the Anti-MSX-Revival manifest against the MSX Association on

Today, a counteraction was taken against the Anti-MSX-Revival manifest: "Anti-Anti-MSX-Revival-Manifest-Manifest".

MSX Festival talkshow online

by snout on 25-02-2003, 08:43
Topic: MSX Revival

On the MSX Magazine website you can now watch a video in WMV format (for Microsoft Windows Media Player) that contains the entire talkshow of the current and previous MSX Magazine editor.

Yawara is a game music and sound effects player that can play the music and sound effects of MSX games directly from the game data. The main idea is to load the game data into Yawara 'shell' and just pick the song you like to play. It supports PSG, SCC and MSX Music soundchips.

The Yawara package comes with all necessary files to play the tracks from your favourite game.

MSX-BASIC for Education

by Latok on 23-02-2003, 12:14
Topic: MSX Revival

In a previous posting we already told you a bit about the MSX-BASIC for Education program.

In japanese schools, students must learn the basics of programming, writing small programs containing FOR...NEXT and IF...THEN lines.

As of today, it is possible to send financial donations to the MSX Resource Center Foundation.

As the corresponding text explains, we are counting on the MSX Community in many ways.

Konami games for iMode

by snout on 20-02-2003, 12:53
Topic: MSX Related

Konami released a new version of Parodius, designed for iMode phones. Parodius is Konami's own parody on -mainly- the Gradius (Nemesis) series and several other Konami games. Parodius was released on MSX in 1988.

MSX in Weekly ASCII magazine

by snout on 20-02-2003, 12:11
Topic: MSX Revival

THe MSX Revival and the MSX Festival have proven once again to be effective methods to draw attention to MSX again. The cover of last week's Weekly ASCII Magazine mentions the festival, and inside is a full-page, full-colour review on it.

GameBoy Advance SP Exposed

by Sander on 20-02-2003, 11:11
Topic: MSX Related, a Hong Kong based supplier of neat Asian videogame stuff, has put online a in dept article about the new GameBoy Advance SP.

Nice pictures, not only taken from the outside of this slick device but also from the inside.

Look for yourself at:

Metal Gear Redux status updates

by Dr. J on 18-02-2003, 13:30
Topic: Translations

We reported earlier about the retranslation of Hideo Kojima's popular tactical espionage game Metal Gear.

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