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#MSXDev Webchat working again

by Unregistered user on 11-02-2003, 23:33
Topic: Websites

Finally the web portal to the #MSXDev IRC channel (Aniverse network) is fully working again.

Those who are unable to use mIRC or another IRC client can now actually join the discussions in stead of only viewing them silently.

MSX BASIC for Robo-education

by snout on 11-02-2003, 13:32
Topic: MSX Revival

In a report on the MSX Festival @ the MSX BASIC for Robo-education project was announced. Thanks to our anonymous sources we got to know a little more about this project.

In Japanese schools, children aged 14-15 have to learn the basics of programming, writing small programs containing FOR...NEXT and IF...THEN lines. Understandable, most kids think of this as extremely boring.

ASCII24, a very well visited news site in Japan reports about the MSX festival held this weekend. The reports contains some extra, interesting pictures and a summary of the entire event.


by makinavaja on 10-02-2003, 23:23
Topic: Hardware

On February 10th Armando Pérez Abad and Manuel Pazos announced the specifications of a new flashcartridge on the hispamsx mailinglist

It is available in 4 differents versions:

  • A basic model, equipped with 512 KB, with ASCII8/16 memory map type
  • A SRAM model, equipped with 512 KB, with ASCII8/16 memory map type and 2 or 8 KB of SRAM memory.

Source: Enrico Barbisan

On NRGO's page, a photo shoot of the Spresiano MSX & Retrocomputing meeting was added. The photo shoot consists out of 29 pictures, completed with useful descriptions. The meeting was held in October 2002.

Yamaha V9958 and Y8950 for sale

by snout on 10-02-2003, 22:28
Topic: Hardware

Kuniji Ikeda has found a way to get V9958 as well as Y8950 chips. However, to keep the chips affordable, he should order quite large amounts at a time.

The V9958 is the VDP of MSX2+ and MSX turboR computers. It is needed to convert an MSX2 to an MSX2+. The chip unleashes SCREEN 10 t/m 12 and diagonal scrolling mode. The Y8950 is the legendary MSX-Audio chip set as featured in e.g.

MSX Resource Center forums regrouped

by snout on 10-02-2003, 22:15
Topic: MRC

Since we launched our new site on December 18th 2002, many things changed. As we were hoping, more and more people started to use the new and improved functionality of our site. Especially the forum drew a lot of attention. Within a very short timespan, more than 1400 posts were made on our forum.

Nokia N-Gage GameStation

by Sander on 10-02-2003, 12:36
Topic: MSX Related

We've all heard about the new Nokia Gameboy wannabee, even on CNN. But what is all the fuzz about?

It's a mobile phone with a 4096 color tft screen, build in 4MB flash memory, Stereo FM Radio, it can play mp3 and AAC music files. It comes with software to connect to your pc. With this software you can make and upload mp3 and AAC music to the device.

Bombaman news update

by Jorito on 10-02-2003, 01:40
Topic: Software

Team Bomba has given us an extensive update on the progress of their highly anticipated game 'Bombaman'. As their briefing actually says it all, we decided to print it down here.

"After a while of silence, we decided it was time to update everybody on our never ending project Bombaman.

ASCII MSX Festival - first look

by snout on 09-02-2003, 18:21
Topic: MSX Revival

We reported to you earlier about the festival held by ASCII to celebrate the succesful start of the MSX Revival.

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