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Sunrise - missing orders

by snout on 09-02-2003, 17:25
Topic: Websites

While browsing the web we noticed that Sunrise had quite a problem with their mail server from November 2002 to January 2003. It is assumed that many, if not all orders placed in this period are lost in cyberspace.

MSX Affiliates Forum logo contest

by FiXato on 09-02-2003, 10:27
Topic: Websites

The MSX Affiliates Forum (M.A.F.) is looking for a new logo and is seeking the creativeness of MSX users worldwide!

The contest is now open and the complete rules & guidelines can be read on the forum's special topic:

Tsukikage no Destiny by Falcom

by Sander on 08-02-2003, 12:39
Topic: MSX Related

Falcom will release Tsukikage no Destiny on March 27th. This action RPG is developed by Chinese based software house Season Software. In this game, you play the role of Yanin Fuu. An epic drama tale according to Falcom. You want to become the best martial arts fighter to meet the expectations of your family. Along the way you meet four beautiful looking ladies, all longing for your attention.

GP32 Xtreme posted a discussion with rlyeh, the developer of the fMSX port for GamePark32.
Rlyeh told GP32 Xtreme, that although the last version of fMSX GP32 was released mid-2002, he will release a new version in the near future.

MESS v0.64 released

by Bart on 07-02-2003, 21:11
Topic: Emulation

February the 3rd, version 0.64 of MESS was released. With MESS it is possible to emulate many computer systems, including MSX1 and MSX2.

Go to the official MESS home page to download MESS.

The 14th lineup of retro software is being sold by EGG. This time games from a.o. T&E Soft, Humming Bird, Bothtec and Microcabin are in the lineup. Some titles are The Tower of Cabin, Gaudi, Ninja and some others as well. Still only Japanese users can order games at EGG, unfortunately.

Check the lineup out at at MadriSX 2003

by Latok on 06-02-2003, 15:21
Topic: Events

As we reported earlier, MadriSX 2003 will be organized on the 8th of march 2003. For a whole day, cultural centre 'El Greco' will be the place where MSX Power Replay organises their 10th annual fair.

We can now reveal that will be there in Madrid to experience what the Spanish MSX scene is all about.

Meeting MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg

by Latok on 05-02-2003, 19:52
Topic: Events

These are busy days for the active social Dutch MSX-er. Recently we had the Oss MSX fair, just last saturday, there was an MCWF MSX meeting in Hoorn.

HCC MSX-GG meeting

by snout on 04-02-2003, 21:06
Topic: Events

This saturday, the HCC-MSX-GG holds an MSX meeting in Bunnink, the Netherlands. According to the HCC site, the HCC is the biggest association of computer users in the world. The HCC is divided into smaller user groups, that focus on several niches of computing (like P2000, MIDI and MSX).

You're invited to visit the meeting this saturday.

PocketMSX 0.003a

by snout on 04-02-2003, 00:30
Topic: Emulation

A new version of the MSX emulator for ARM or MIPS based PocketPC devices was released today. This time, the following things were added and changed:

  • Added FM-PAC sound module (noisy)
  • Fixed color mapping function
  • Added 'auto frame skip' option

All in all, PocketMSX is getting more and more interesting.

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