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Poll results -Dawn Of Time wins!-

by Latok on 03-02-2003, 20:46
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

When we decided to do a demo poll, we asked ourselves the question if we shouldn't just exclude Unknown Reality. This demo is so illustrous among MSX-ers, we thought it would be no contest at all. Still, we decided we had to give MSX-ers a chance to vote for this technical very impressive MSX demo and we just gave our best to find as much competition to it as possible.

The impossible happened.

International Computer Meeting Tilburg

by Sander on 02-02-2003, 11:57
Topic: Events

This years International Computer Meeting in Tilburg will take place on the 26th of april.

Again, we haven't heard official news about the location yet, but most probably it will again be 'Wijkcentrum De Schans', De Schans 123 in Tilburg-Noord, The Netherlands.

MRC server move and minor updates

by snout on 02-02-2003, 01:44
Topic: MRC

Within 6 weeks after switching to our new host, we already moved to another server (at the same host) that fits our needs even better. Due to this move, you might have entered our site through a redirection script.

A week ago the MSX Fair in Oss was held by MSX-NBNO. Of course, the MSX Resource Center was there with a booth full of interesting products.

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