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Samanet - Sargon part online!

by Sama on 31-03-2003, 10:44
Topic: Websites

Rieks Warendorp Torringa, one of the members behind the dutch MSX Group Sargon has been working on a new website for a couple of months. Now, his first efforts can be watched online.

Uzix TCP/IP guide for Windows online

by snout on 30-03-2003, 21:58
Topic: Websites

Many people have already tried to connect their MSX to the internet, using the Unix-for-MSX OS Uzix. However, connecting an MSX running Uzix to a PC running Windows did not appear to be all that easy.

@rroba magazine scan

by snout on 30-03-2003, 17:55
Topic: MRC

As we reported earlier, the March 2003 edition of @rroba magazine featured a large interview with the MSX Resource Center crew. We even made it to the cover of that magazine and promised you to post the evidence in our MSX forums sooner or later. Well... here it is!

MESS 0.66

by snout on 30-03-2003, 16:57
Topic: Emulation

A new version of MESS was released a few days ago. MESS is an emulator that can emulate many popular homecomputer and gameconsole systems, including MSX1 and MSX2. MESS is based on the popular MAME emulator (multiple arcade machine emulator).

MSX Info pages update

by snout on 30-03-2003, 00:06
Topic: Websites

Hans Otten added some valuable MSX-related information to his website once again. This time, the following articles were added:

  • How to connect a TEAC PC diskdrive to a Yamaha FDD-051
  • How to improve sound on an SVI-728
  • How to add a second cartridge slot to an SVI-728

Multilanguage poll closed, diskmag poll up!

by snout on 29-03-2003, 17:32
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

25 days ago we offered you the opportunity to vote for a multilingual MSX Resource Center. The results of this poll were so interesting and motivating, that we are planning to introduce a multilingual MSX Resource Center soon.

Sunrise IDE BIOS 2.21

by snout on 29-03-2003, 14:37
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Source: Rob Hiep

Sunrise released a new version of the ATA-IDE BIOS, which is intended for all Sunrise IDE and CompactFlash interfaces. The new BIOS allows you to select a custom boot partition on the master device of the interface.

MRC Newsletter #5

by snout on 28-03-2003, 23:26
Topic: MRC

All the members who joined us and signed up for the MRC newsletter just received a brand new fifth edition of the MSX Resource Center newsletter.

As usual, we give a summary of the latest MSX news, supplemented with some bits of information that have not been on the website (yet).

MSX-Club West-Friesland meeting

by BiFi on 28-03-2003, 22:16
Topic: Events

Source: Bas Kornalijnslijper

On saturday april 5th, the Dutch MSX-Club West-Friesland will have an MSX meeting. Again, the meeting is held in 'Buurthuis De Cogge' at 'De Akkerwinde' in Zwaag (near Hoorn, 30 kilometres above Amsterdam).

Return of MG-MRC

by BiFi on 27-03-2003, 16:06
Topic: MRC

It has been a while since went to a brand new server (twice) to adjust the IRC bot to it, but right now, MG-MRC has returned to its place on the net, updating visitors with news.

We have more features in mind for the bot and some of them are already posted in the forum.

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