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Novatec website is back

by Belov Andrey on 14-03-2003, 00:16
Topic: Websites

Egor Voznessensky (Solid), the man behind the russian group Novatec is back. At you can find his website about the Novatec projects, like a 85Hz upscan convertor (to connect an MSX to a VGA monitor), some interesting software and sourcecode and a SuperATA-IDE interface.

MSX Resource Center in @rroba magazine

by snout on 13-03-2003, 00:29
Topic: MRC

In the latest edition of the Spanish computer magazine @rroba there's an interview with the MSX Resource Center crew. Admins Sander van Nunen, Sander Zuidema (snout) and Bart Schouten answered questions about the history of the MSX Resource Center, the latest developments in the MSX Scene and the MSX Revival.

MSX in Japanese media

by snout on 13-03-2003, 00:28
Topic: MSX Revival

Again, the MSX revival has grabbed the attention of some webzines and magazines.

NLMSX v0.46 released

by Bart on 13-03-2003, 00:16
Topic: Emulation

A new version of NLMSX, the MSX Emulator, was released.

MSXdev'03 Game Development Competition

by Unregistered user on 13-03-2003, 00:08
Topic: Development

As a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the MSX system, Eduardo Robsy Petrus has started a MSX game development competition.

Entries must run on the MSX systems available 20 years ago, which means a minimum configuration of MSX(1) with 16kB RAM, 16kB VRAM and just PSG.

Marcel Delorme wrote us the following:

"Progress is going fast on the wave editor, I've put some new screen shots online to show the current state of the program."

Unfortunately, there is no new beta version available for download yet, but the latest screenshots look very promising.

MSX South Kanto conference

by snout on 12-03-2003, 23:30
Topic: Events

This sunday, March 16th, there will be a meeting for MSX users in South Kanto, Japan for the 27th time. The meeting will be held in the Kawasaki City Tama Ward Office on the fourth floor, in meeting room number 5.

VisualMSX 1.4.6

by snout on 12-03-2003, 23:22
Topic: Emulation

It seems the developer of VisualMSX is making up for his months of silence, as updates are hitting the web on a daily basis now. The current version of this frontend is fully adapted to the latest version of NLMSX. The changelog:

  • When adding multiple folders, the backslash was not removed from the end of the path.

Contiki is a desktop environment originally developed for Commodore 64 computers.

MadriSX 2003 photo shoot online

by snout on 12-03-2003, 00:17
Topic: Photo shoots

In our Photo shoots section you can now find a photo report of the MSX user meeting MadriSX held on march 8th in Madrid. A text report will be added soon, but you can already enjoy the adventures of Sander and Snout in Madrid by having a look at the pictures.

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