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Moonblaster and Moonsound downloads added

by snout on 25-05-2003, 20:24
Topic: Music

As of today, 12 new files can be found in our downloads database:

  • 4 Moonblaster songs by Anne de Raad. ADR's theme, Not Again! Staff BGM and Who's Snatching now?
  • 8 Moonblaster Wave (moonsound) songs by Anne de Raad, Ruud v/d Moosdijk and Sander Zuidema.

kss2wav converter for Mac OS X (Kss-X)

by Valken on 25-05-2003, 16:09
Topic: Music

Valken has just finished his KSS 2 wav converter for OS X. It can handle .kss files, which can be found for example at KSS Kingdom. The player function is not yet done. Depending of the song complexity it may need 2 seconds of calculation for one second of wavefile.

Robsy petrus web updated

by makinavaja on 25-05-2003, 16:04
Topic: Websites

Eduardo Robsy's website has been updated with some interesting stuff. The first update is a new disk version of war in middle earth. This game is now available in an English transtation. You can also download a wav version that you can use with waver, or any other cassete reader.

Delta Soft site update

by BiFi on 24-05-2003, 17:25
Topic: Websites

Today Delta Soft has updated their site. To celebrate their 15-year aniversary 3 more titles are available for download:

  • Starship Rendezvous Demo
  • Metal Gear 2 Maps
  • Oss 2000 Puzzle

Regular visitors may already know Delta Soft is posting progress updates on Konami Quiz 2 on the site.

Young Sherlock Portuguese 0.999

by snout on 24-05-2003, 12:41
Topic: Translations

A new version of the Portuguese translation of Young Sherlock (a MegaROM starring a young Sherlock Holmes) was released today. The game is already fully translated, including the graphics. The only thing left to do is re-compressing the ROM file until it is 128KB once again. The game is hidden on AdrianPage in the MSXPage section.

Best MSX1 game ever - finals

by snout on 22-05-2003, 03:04
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Ok guys, it's time for the grand finale. After one round of nominating and 7 rounds of voting a massive list of 234 MSX1 games has been reduced every round until only three games were left.

MSX fairs poll closed

by snout on 22-05-2003, 02:49
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Today we closed our MSX fair poll. To the question 'If money, time and travel were no problem, which MSX fair would you like to attend the most?' a grand total of 172 responed, and this is the outcome:

  • 1. DenYu Land (41.28%)
  • 2. Tilburg (16.28%)
  • 3. Barcelona (10.47%)
  • 4. MSX-Jaú (9,30%)
  • 5. Oss (8,72%)
  • 6. MadriSX (8,14%)
  • 7.

openMSX goes Moonsound

by snout on 20-05-2003, 20:07
Topic: Emulation

Innovation seems to be the thing openMSX is all about.

Freeware downloads section launch

by snout on 20-05-2003, 13:37
Topic: MRC

The MRC has teamed up with Tristan Zondag of the MSX Funet archive and launched a downloads database today. Unlike most MSX downloads websites, our database only contains freeware. All files in the archive are tested to make sure they actually work and archived in a PC and MSX-friendly way.

openMSX 0.3.1 Win32 port

by jpgrobler on 19-05-2003, 19:11
Topic: Emulation

Today the latest version of [openMSX was released for Win32 platforms as well. Although Reikan, the developer of this port, is also involved with developments around the Linux version of openMSX, this version is still to be considered as an unofficial port.

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