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Downloads top 10 - August 2003

by snout on 01-08-2003, 00:02
Topic: MRC

On may 20th we introduced our new freeware MSX downloads database. For the second time since that launch we'll have a look at which files have been downloaded the most. Here is the current top 10:

  • 01.

In this forumthread some cool MSX-ers talked about the possibility of having an MSX emulator for the Series 60 mobile phones, such as the Nokia 3650 and the Nokia 7650. These mobile phones run the Symbian OS.

To our great and pleasant surprise, Juha Riihimäki was triggered and decided to give it a go.

MSX Resource Center teams up with Lik-Sang

by Latok on 31-07-2003, 16:47
Topic: MRC

After several years of excessive growth, becoming a foundation and turning to professional hosting, the MSX Resource Center has decided to join the" rel="external">Lik-Sang affiliates program.

Meridian 3.0 beta2

by snout on 29-07-2003, 20:57
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Michiel de Vries has been making a lot of progress since the previous release of Meridian. A new beta version of this extraordinary music tracker can now be downloaded exclusively on the MSX Resource Center.

MSX Info pages moved

by snout on 29-07-2003, 16:10
Topic: Websites

Due to the server failure of Hans Otten was forced to move the MSX Info Pages elsewhere. Although some links might not be working yet, all files on the website are being moved to Funet, while the website is accessible again at

MRC Newsletter #7 - sent

by snout on 28-07-2003, 20:40
Topic: MRC

As announced yesterday, we have sent our latest newsletter to all our members subscribed to this service. We hope you enjoy reading the newsletter. Be sure to keep your email settings correct to ensure you keep receiving our newsletters.

Logiboot 2.1 - Freeware

by KdL on 28-07-2003, 13:37
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

KdL software has declared their program called 'Logiboot' freeware. Logiboot is a tool which allows you to adapt the boot-sector of a diskette in order to change some settings during boot. This can be used in your own productions. Among the options are NTSC/PAL selection, faster disk access (very nice), CAPS ON/OFF, CTRL+STOP ON/OFF etc. down

by BiFi on 28-07-2003, 08:11
Topic: Websites

Source: Hans Otten

Recently the domain went offline once again. Unfortunately this time it might result in a permanent down state due to technical problems. After 4 years the server experienced regular problems with memory and harddisks and it has served the MSX community quite well.

MRC Newsletter #6 online

by snout on 27-07-2003, 16:23
Topic: MRC

We have just added the sixth MRC newsletter to our archive of MRC newsletter in our articles section. The seventh MRC newsletter will be sent to all our members who have subscribed to our newsletter soon.

Best MSX game song ever [nominations]

by snout on 27-07-2003, 13:35
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

In our first two mega-polls we found out Penguin Adventure is the best MSX1 game ever and SD-Snatcher is the best MSX2 game ever. In our next mega-poll we will find out which was the best song ever used in any MSX game.

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