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MSX Radio updated

by Omega on 26-07-2003, 00:58
Topic: Websites

MSX Radio, the online radiostation that only plays MSX songs was updated once again. Almost two years ago the first version of MSX Radio went online. Since then, most people got a better internet connection. Therefor, the bitrate of all songs was changed from 32kbps mono to 56kbps stereo.

As we reported before the MSXPLAYer was displayed as part of the OCPA demonstration of Intent on Wireless Japan

Intent 2

by snout on 25-07-2003, 12:30
Topic: MSX Revival

Tao Systems have released a new version of Intent, their platform independant Operating System. Intent can function as an extra layer on top of an ordinary OS like Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, Symbian or Nucleus.

Poll results -MSX and copyrights-

by Latok on 22-07-2003, 22:06
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

How do you feel about MSX and copyrights? This subject was suddenly a hot issue due to the spectacular release of 2 cdroms by PC Magazine in The Netherlands and Belgium. On these cdroms, one can find an MSX emulator based on the fMSX core, together with all the copyrighted MSX system roms. PC Magazine also distributed a stunning 130 MSX games.

MSX fair Bussum 2003 homepage

by Grauw on 21-07-2003, 21:53
Topic: Events

A while ago we reported the annual MSX fair in Bussum will be held on the 27th of September this year. TNI, who are organizing the fair, have now put up an official website about the MSX Fair.

As we reported before, MSXPLAYer was demonstrated by the MSX Association and the OCPA (Open Contents Platform Association) during the

Last friday Taito released "Invader Groove", a classic Space Invaders clone for the J-SKy mobile phone network in Japan.

A while ago we reported that Taito signed a contract with Vodaphone to release their games also for the Vodaphone "Live" network. Hopefully Vodaphone "Live" users can play this game soon on their mobile phones.

Generation MSX - updates

by snout on 20-07-2003, 21:37
Topic: Websites

Generation MSX has been updated again.

Space Invaders: Invasion Day

by Sander on 20-07-2003, 00:51
Topic: MSX Related


25 years after the Arcade version of the highly addictive game Space Invaders and 18 years after Taito published the MSX version of Space Invaders, a new version is about to be released on

MSX Logo policy updated

by snout on 19-07-2003, 19:02
Topic: MSX Revival

On the 27th of june 2003 the MSX Association have changed their policies regarding the use of the MSX logo. The MSX Association holds the trademark 'MSX'. In order to allow all MSX users to employ this trademark in a wide range of situations, they have established conditions regarding the use of the 'MSX' and 'MSXPLAYer' logo's.

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