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Padial Evolucion4 V2

by Unregistered user on 14-07-2003, 21:19
Topic: Hardware

Leonardo Padial Electronics has finished a new version of its 32 bit slotexpander Evolucion4 (EV4).

The EV4 can be used as a regular slotexpander for MSX systems, or as the basis for the EMSX system designed by Padial. It has 4 primary/secondary slots and 2 I/O slots which are extended to 32 bit.

Blue Warrior - freeware

by snout on 14-07-2003, 18:59
Topic: Software

Earlier this year several interesting MSX titles were declared freeware, like Sonyc and all Alice Soft productions. Moai-Tech follows by declaring their game 'Blue Warrior' freeware.

MRC contacts list: 200 members

by snout on 14-07-2003, 18:29
Topic: MRC

Almost exactly a month ago we introduced a new feature on the MSX Resource Center: A contacts section only to be seen by members who were logged in to the MRC. At the time, 152 of 1105 members had already given permission to add their information to this contact list.

We reported earlier about the Atari 10 in 1 joystick.

The company behind this joystick has released yet another joystick and game console in one. This time it's called the "Namco Arcade Classics 5 in 1 Joystick". And the product indeed does what the name suggests. You can hook this joystick on your TV (NTSC), to play near perfect arcade games.

Commodore Revival?

by snout on 12-07-2003, 01:00
Topic: MSX Related

Tulip, a dutch computer company holding the rights of the Commodore trademarks and brand name have announced they are working on a Commodore Revival.

Similar to the MSX Revival, they are planning to release an official Commodore 64 emulator, in cooperation with the unknown '

BASIC'N (BASIC-Kun) animation DVD

by Unregistered user on 11-07-2003, 23:00
Topic: MSX Revival

Kiyokazu Arai's highly popular comic BASIC'N, which was serialized in Login and Famitsu magazines and published by ASCII Comix (now (c) MSX Association), has been turned into an animation.

BASIC'N (or BASIC-Kun, Mr.

From 28 June until 26 October, the exhibition called "Games, de geschiedenis van de spelcomputer" will take place at the Museum of the 20th century in Hoorn, the Netherlands.

"Nostalgia in Computer land. From Pong ´till Pacman, but also the latest computer games. All the game consoles our country have known.

MSX Games in dutch PC Magazine

by snout on 10-07-2003, 14:24
Topic: MSX Related

The summer edition of PC Magazine, powered by ZDnet, comes with a CD-ROM packed with retro-games, including more than 130 MSX games which can be run on the MSX Emulator paraMSX, which is also included on the CD-ROM.

fMSXCE 0.12

by snout on 10-07-2003, 13:24
Topic: Emulation

A new version of fMSXCE, an MSX emulator running on the Windows CE platform was released.

NestorBASIC 1.0

by snout on 09-07-2003, 21:26
Topic: Development

Konamiman has unexpectedly released a new version of NestorBASIC, 5 years after its previous update. NestorBASIC is an extremely useful tool for people who have just started developing MSX software. It allows you to squeeze more speed out of your MSX. It includes a music-replayer and adds support for InterNestor Suite.

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