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Road Fighter remake

by JEames on 09-07-2003, 19:49
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

One of Konami's all-time classics is beeing remade by Santi Ontañon. There's no webpage made yet but an early beta is available here.

The first level is 100% playable. A special "Game C" feature make's the game much harder than the original (which was realy too easy).

Back in 1987 and 1988, the years in which YS1 and YS2 were released for the MSX platform, the gaming world was astonished by the graphics and the fantasy world the gamer was being put in.

More than 15 years have passed.

MSX game endings

by Bart on 08-07-2003, 23:36
Topic: Websites

The Rise of the Penguin website is dating from way back 1999, but it's contents are still of great value today! A particular part of the website that's interesting is the MSX game endings part. That's where you can view (animated) images of the endings of MSX games like Maze of Galious, Penguin Adventure and Vampire Killer.

Never finished that one game?

MSX has always been a computer which stimulates creativity. There is a lot of amateur software being created for the MSX system. tries to be a platform where developers and MSX users meet.

MSX Magazine -2-

by snout on 08-07-2003, 12:09
Topic: MSX Revival

In the upcoming Japanese MSX Magazine there will be attention for MSX outside Japan, with a special focus on the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil. The magazine will not only look at the commercial period of MSX in those countries, but also at what the MSX Community created afterwards.

Generation-MSX restyled and recoded

by Bart on 07-07-2003, 08:00
Topic: Websites

The Generation-MSX website has been restyled and the beta database/software was put online sunday the 6th of July. This new database contains, at this moment, 1847 Japanese game titles and 2267 screenshots.

Best MSX2 game ever [finals]

by snout on 06-07-2003, 00:34
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

On April 18th we started our very first mega-poll ever. The regular visitors of the MSX Resource Center could nominate a list of MSX1 games and vote for their personal favorites during several rounds of voting. The games that received the highest amount of votes moved on to next rounds. After 7 rounds of voting 4 remained.

MSX fair visits poll results

by snout on 06-07-2003, 00:33
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

For several weeks we have asked the visitors of our website "How many MSX fairs/meetings do you visit each year?". The poll resuls clearly showed we're living in an internet-era. The option 'none' got the most votes in this round. Nevertheless, 53.05% (87 people) of the voters visit at least one MSX fair or meeting a year.

In the forums, there currently is going on a great battle between SD Snatcher and Metal Gear 2, Solid Snake. These 2 wellknown titles are part of the most famous gameseries of Hideo Kojima.

The Snatcher- and Metal Gear stories aren't the only masterpieces Kojima developed, though.

Best MSX2 game ever [round 6]

by snout on 02-07-2003, 23:52
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

There is only one more round of voting to go before we reach the finals of the best MSX2 game ever mega-poll. Only 8 games are left running for this prestigious title. It is up to you - visitors of the MSX Resource Center - which games will move on to a tight battle on the frontpage poll.

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