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Retro PC Game Music plays MSX songs

by Sander on 21-09-2003, 13:42
Topic: Music

Retro PC Game Music is a Japanese Internet radio station that plays old game music from systems like the X68000, PC-8801, PC-9801, X1 and the FM77. Just like MSX Radio does for MSX.

Team Bomba releases WOEI demo

by Latok on 19-09-2003, 21:15
Topic: Software

In this forumthread we announced the return of the 'Scroll and logo demos'. Some forummembers decided to team up and started creating a really old school MSX-scene demo. Latok, one of the crewmembers, volunteered to program the whole demo, he isn't that much of a programmer, though.

Aiky, the company that took over Compile a while ago, seems to be quite busy with MSX! There's a lot of MSX related news to be found on their site lately. Yesterday they've announced Story of the Evil Way 1-2-3 (also known as Mado Monogatari 1-2-3) will be presented on the MSX Magazine 2 CD-ROM.

After adding the complete Honey's disk magazine archive earlier today we have now added the following titles to our freeware downloads database


  • Quinch (MCE) - A simple yet addict

Honey's diskmagazine was a German diskmagazine, which remained relatively unknown in other countries. Although the texts are in German, the magazines contain interesting information, especially for beginning and advanced developers. The source codes that come with the magazines are understandable also for non-German users.

Our friends of RetroPC found a very interesting flyer on the ASCII booth during the WPC Expo 2003.

Project EGG have re-released yet another MSX game running on the MSXPLAYer core. This time they have released the adventure RPG Bolu Fez and five evil spirits from Xtalsoft.

.kss files available

by Valken on 17-09-2003, 19:40
Topic: MSX Related

Valken has managed to convert many popular MSX songs to the well-known KSS format. This includes songs from games like Aleste, Contra, Penguin Adventure and more. You can find all KSS files here.

J-War has once again re-arranged a famous MSX some. This time he used his synthesizers to make a new version of "Strange Ouverture" from SD Snatcher. It's the very first intro music in the game, the one you could call "viral intro".

MSX on

by Haze on 17-09-2003, 19:35
Topic: Websites

The ever so illusive KSS fileformat strikes again. It just so happens that rez, the webmaster of has decided to open up an MSX section. The general idea is to fill that section the same way as the other sections on, with primarily (demo-)scene music and maybe original gamemusic from the specific platform.

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