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MSX Resource Center moves again

by snout on 01-11-2003, 00:48
Topic: MRC

Regular visitors of our website could have seen it coming. After a period in which our site was down for short periods of time giving various errors our website was barely reachable for about 5 days. The MSX Resource Center administrators drew their conclusions (and their wallets) and decided to move on to another web host who can offer us the uptime and service a website like this desires.

2nd annual artwork contest - closed

by snout on 01-11-2003, 00:34
Topic: Websites

MSX Gamesbox have closed the period in which people could send in their artwork. This year the contest had a special theme: MSX - 20 years of gaming. As a result, 25 artworks can now be watched on this website.

FooBar2000 v0.7.2

by Bart on 01-11-2003, 00:02
Topic: MSX Related

Source: Vorc

FooBar2000 is a audio multi-player developed by Peter Pawlowski: also known as a member of Winamp team. Amongst many popular and retro data formats it also supports playback for KSS files. Many popular MSX gamesongs are available in KSS format.

Multiterminal MSX with Uzix 2.0

by Bart on 30-10-2003, 21:37
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Source: MSX Mailinglist

Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha was not satisfied by just a multitask OS for MSX and decided to create a multiterminal OS for MSX. Ofcourse we're talking about Uzix 2.0, the Unix implementation for MSX created by da Cunha.

Hudson Soft will release a Playstation 2 version of their popular game Star Soldier, which was also released as an MSX1 version in 1986, in

Chip32 VST plugin

by snout on 27-10-2003, 19:03
Topic: MSX Related

The developer of MidiPSG has released a small wavetable VST plugin which makes it possible to create e.g. SCC sounds which you can use in sequencers on PC.

Bandwagon reveals some secrets

by snout on 26-10-2003, 23:32
Topic: Development

The popular demogroup Bandwagon surprised both MSX-lovers and people who never even saw an MSX with their stunning MSX1 demo's. Many people have wondered how these demo's were created. Although there are no real hints on techniques or source codes it might be interesting to read the newspost on their website.

Vscreen 0.6

by snout on 26-10-2003, 23:12
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Maggoo did it again. He made several major improvements to his universal platform game engine. Here's the changelog:

  • Splitting of the code between the loader and standard routines part (vsload.gen) and the main game engine (vscreen.gen). This should reduce code size and compilation time.

Mitsui cancels GamePark32 Europe

by snout on 26-10-2003, 22:20
Topic: MSX Related

Two months ago we reported the GP32 handheld console was coming to Europe.

Roberto Vargas has released the sourcecode of his MicroCabin compatible BGM driver. This BGM driver is capable of playing song data from popular Microcabin games like the Xak series and Illusioncity.

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