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MSX-BASIC Code Reader 0.01

by snout on 31-01-2004, 03:31
Topic: Development

Boukichi released a tool which makes it possible to read the contents of BASIC sources on PC, even if they were not stored as ASCII files. The first version comes with the source code in C.

openMSX Catapult Japanese patch

by snout on 31-01-2004, 03:28
Topic: Emulation

Boukichi has released a patch for openMSX Catapult, translating the user interface of this launcher for openMSX to Japanese.

Brazilian newspaper reports about MSX

by snout on 31-01-2004, 03:24
Topic: Websites

Sandro Zanello sent us a link to a scan of an article in the Correio Brazilienese newspaper. It's an article about old computers, mainly reporting about MSX. It also shows a proud Sandro Zanello standing in front of his collection of MSX computers.

Sega's Bios game Snail Maze for MSX

by pitpan on 30-01-2004, 21:58
Topic: Software

Eduardo Robsy (aka PitPan) has ported Snail Maze to MSX. This tiny game which was included in the BIOS of the Sega Master System is available as 8KB rom for MSX. The beta version can be downloaded from Eduardo's website.

Relevant link:

Jelle Jelsma has given us permission to add another Dutch diskmagazine to our ever growing freeware downloads database. The magazine is named 'DISK' which stands for 'De Idiootste Software Krant'.

Falcom brings Ys 6 to mobile phones

by Sama on 29-01-2004, 16:27
Topic: MSX Related

Falcom has announced they will start a business of selling downloadable games for mobile phones along with Taito.

Hit the Penguin Flash game

by Sander on 28-01-2004, 20:58
Topic: MSX Related

If you haven't seen your colleagues playing this game yet, this is your change. The game made by Laget is a simple Flash game where you are a Yeti. Aim of this game is to hit the penguin that jumps from a rock above you as hard as possible. The further your penguin flies or glides the more points you get. Good luck!

fMSX/S60 0.99a/b

by snout on 28-01-2004, 18:09
Topic: Emulation

Today, a new version of the MSX emulator for Nokia Series 60 phones was released. This emulator makes it possible to run MSX software on Nokia 3650, Nokia 7650, Nokia N-Gage and Nokia 6600 phones. The emulator might also run on other mobile phones that run on Symbian OS, but this has not been verified as of yet.

GFX9000 library 0.004

by snout on 27-01-2004, 21:26
Topic: Development

A new version of the GFX9000 library was released today, adding the following features:

  • Font routines now work on turboR as well
  • Added multiple font support

The GFX9000 library is a new initiative, containing a set of useful ASM routines for GFX9000 developers.

An exposition called '20 years of Nintendo' is currently held in the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

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