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MadriSX 2004 photoshoot

by snout on 10-03-2004, 13:51
Topic: Websites

On March 6th the 10th edition of the Spanish MSX fair MadriSX was held. On this website you can find a lot of pictures of this MSX/Retrocomputing event.

G9B demo files

by msd on 09-03-2004, 23:56
Topic: Development

The upcoming release of the GFX9000 library will support bitbust compressed G9B files.
A few demo files are available on the NWO website. All demo pictures are 512x424 pixels.

MCWF back on track!

by Latok on 09-03-2004, 19:34
Topic: Events

MSX Club West-Friesland (MCWF) is one of the few MSX clubs left in The Netherlands. For many years, they organised clubmeetings in Zwaag, near Hoorn. On the 11th of september 2003, we reported about circumstances which made the club to decide to cancel the planned meetings for the rest of that year.

Konami announces Neo Contra

by snout on 09-03-2004, 13:39
Topic: MSX Related

A while ago Konami announced they will release another game in the Contra saga. On MSX, Contra was released in 1989, a year after the initial NES release. After sequels on Gameboy and SNES Konami released two new versions of the game in October 2002.

PSG Radio - link added

by snout on 07-03-2004, 13:03
Topic: Websites

Today we added a link to Harehiro's pages, a Japanese website with a section on emulation and a PSG Radio section. On this radio station several popular MSX songs are being broadcast.

Leisure Suit Larry theme for Moonsound

by snout on 06-03-2004, 10:26
Topic: Music

Remco Weijman sent us a Moonblaster Wave song which has been added to our downloads database. The song will be well known to (early) PC Gamers: he arranged the Leisure Suit Larry theme. You can download it here.

blueMSX 1.2.0

by dvik on 05-03-2004, 13:31
Topic: Emulation

A new version of the blueMSX emulator has been released. This version has an updated user interface and many new features.

Generation MSX website updates

by Bart on 03-03-2004, 21:37
Topic: Websites

Generation MSX has been quite busy recently. Not only have they added a pile of magazine covers from Brazil, Japan, The Netherlands and Spain, they also put their forum back online.

EGG releases Mid-Garts

by Bart on 03-03-2004, 21:29
Topic: MSX Revival

Project EGG re-released the MSX 2+ game Mid-Garts recently. This game was originally published by WolfTeam in 1989.

MSX Viewer 4 bugfixes

by Bart on 03-03-2004, 21:10
Topic: Development

A couple of days ago, we already posted about the release of MSX Viewer 4.0. Yesterday a bugfixed version 4 of this PC tool to load, edit and convert MSX pictures to different screen modes was released. To grab this updated version please visit the English MarMSX website.

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