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Princess Maker 4 - Announced

by snout on 24-09-2004, 15:06
Topic: MSX Related

Gainax have announced they will release a fourth edition of Princess Maker for Playstation 2 in the spring of 2005.

Retro PC Game Music have again updated their playlists. This time, the soundtrack of Konami's Nemesis 3 (Gradius III/Gopher's Ambition Episode II).

POKE -1,170's airwaves #1 - Nuke/Spaceman

by snout on 24-09-2004, 15:00
Topic: Music

A retrocomputing lover from the Netherlands, POKE -1.170, has started an airwaves initiative in which he draws attention to several chiptune and mod composer by dedicating an on-line radio show to them.

MRC Under Water Challenge - Results

by snout on 22-09-2004, 19:10
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

The MRC Under Water Challenge turned out to be a real challenge. Not only was it a challenge for the contestants to finish the entries in time, but getting the results of the jury turned out to be quite tricky. It seems like the wisdom of Edward A. Murphy Jr. is still with us. Everything that could go wrong went wrong.

Final Copy

by snout on 22-09-2004, 14:59
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

In an attempt to create the best copy tool around, Marcos Daniel has just released Final Copy. According to Marcos, this is the best MSX Copier ever, being able to create backups of any Floppy Disk, including 99.9% of the copy protections.


by snout on 22-09-2004, 14:39
Topic: Music

In December 2003 we reported about the FMPSG CD containing several chiptune songs, including some created on MSX. As the release of this CD turned out to be a success a second part in the FMPSG series was created. It will be released on the M3 market on October 9th.

MSX in the Media: 43rd nominee

by snout on 22-09-2004, 14:36
Topic: Media

Frederik Boelens and Patriek Lesparre spotted an extraordinary MSX in the Media event on the American TV-station PBS.

MSX in the Media: 42nd nominee

by snout on 22-09-2004, 14:26
Topic: Media

MSX seems to be getting more and more attention in the media every month. The 42nd entry to the MSX in the Media challenge was spotted by Takashi Kobayashi of Gigamix Online.

On August 18th Konami re-released Metal Gear 1 for mobile phones. The re-release, based on the original MSX version of Metal Gear and directed by Hideo Kojima himself, turned out to be a great success.

MSX in the Media: Nominees 34 to 38

by snout on 22-09-2004, 13:37
Topic: Media

We have just added 5 new nominees to the list of nominees of the MSX in the Media challenge. And in all cases, Konami is responsible for the media attention.

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