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MNBIOS SHELL sources released

by flyguille on 24-11-2004, 15:20
Topic: Development

Flyguille has released the sources of the SHELL of MNBIOS. To be more specific, this are the sources for the files MSXCOMMAND.EXEC and INSTALL.EXEC which, when combined, make the MNBIOS Interface itself.

blueMSX Launcher 1.0

by mars2000you on 23-11-2004, 17:51
Topic: Emulation

Sam Elsharif, fan of blueMSX, has created a nifty launcher called blueMSX Launcher. This is the first launcher developed especially for blueMSX. The program enables blueMSX version 2.0 users to start games by their name rather than by their Rom, Disk or Tape image name.

Polka 1.2

by snout on 23-11-2004, 09:54
Topic: Development

Wolf_ released a new version of his SCREEN 2 & 4 editor called Polka.

Oracle 1.10 - Freeware

by snout on 23-11-2004, 09:45
Topic: Development

This might sound slightly familiar to regular visitors of the MRC, but as of today the music tracker Oracle has been declared freeware by Sunrise.

Bounce Mania - Review

by snout on 22-11-2004, 02:03
Topic: Software

On the MSX fair in Bussum, 2004 Darkstone released their first MSX game: Bounce Mania. The purpose of the game? Guiding a bouncing ball through a variety of mazes whilst avoiding obstacles. MRC bought the game and put it to the test. The result is the review you can read right here.

Cipher - First announcement

by snout on 21-11-2004, 23:10
Topic: Software

Ramon Verlinden, known from the Dutch MSX group Hegega, has added a new section to his SD-Snatcher fansite, announcing his upcoming RPG for MSX2 called Cipher. Cipher is a cyberpunk RPG, mainly inspired by the two all-time MSX classics SD-Snatcher and Illusion City.

The RPG is being developed using ASCII's RPG development engine Dante 2.

Bargain 5.41

by snout on 21-11-2004, 22:11
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A new version of Bargain, an image compression, decompression toolkit for SCREEN 5 to SCREEN 12 has been released. The new version adds a few more optimizations to the code. Bargain comes with a filebrowser that allows you to compress, decompress and view images. Source code is included as well.

MVM meetings of 2005 announced

by snout on 21-11-2004, 22:09
Topic: Events

The Dutch MSX user group MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg have announced the dates of the 12 MSX user meetings they will organize in 2005. The dates have been added to our list of MSX fairs and meetings. There will be one more MVM meeting in 2004, to be held on December 11th.

MegaRAM expansion - Documentation

by snout on 20-11-2004, 23:54
Topic: Hardware

MSXpro have published an article from Rudolf Gutlich on how to expand a MegaRAM Disk from 256, 512 or 768kb memory to 1Mb or even 2Mb. The article is completed with pinouts and pictures to make things as easy as possible.

POKE -1,170's Airwaves #3

by poke-1,170 on 20-11-2004, 23:43
Topic: Music

As of today the third edition of POKE -1,170's Airwaves is online. This radioshow, broadcast on Enschede FM is a sequel to Airwaves #2. It contains tunes from the Turrican 2 & 3 saga, played on various platforms.

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