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ObsoNet presentation photoshoot

by snout on 09-11-2004, 11:15
Topic: Websites

The ObsoNet website has been updated with a photoshoot of the presentation of ObsoNET during the 26th MSX RU in Barcelona.

Complete POPCoRN

by snout on 09-11-2004, 11:12
Topic: Software

The Japanese MSX group POPCoRN have released a CD-ROM called Complete POPCoRN on which contains all MSX software POPCoRN has released in the past 10 years. Apart from this software the CD also contains some Audio CD tracks with songs from their productions.

MSX in the Media: Nominee 74 to 78

by snout on 09-11-2004, 11:06
Topic: Media

Once again, five more nominees to the MSX in the Media Challenge have been added to the list of nominees.

Digital Retro Book

by Sander on 07-11-2004, 13:25
Topic: MSX Related

Source: CVML

This Digital Retro coffee table book with 192 pages and 350 photos, tells you about 44 different computers build in the seventies and eighties. This book reveals the inspiration that lead to the creation of those machines, why there were build that way and with all specifications per machine.

MSX Top Secret 2

by snout on 07-11-2004, 09:35
Topic: Development

In May we reported about MSX Top, who had released an MSX development guide in Portuguese called MSX Top Secret in 1996. At the time of writing, MSX Top were already working on MSX Top Secret 2. As of today, MSX Top Secret 2 is on sale.

Source: MSX Mailinglist

A month ago A&L Software released version 0.3 of the English and Portuguese translation of Illusion City. As of today a new version, the MSX Jaú Edition, is available.

MSX in the Media: Nominee 69 to 73

by snout on 05-11-2004, 20:26
Topic: Media

The announcement of the One Chip MSX is still getting more and more attention in the media.

Under the Banner by Symray Scopio

by snout on 05-11-2004, 17:09
Topic: Music

The Japanese composer Symray Scopio has just released a new, short OPLL based song called Under the Banner.

MuMem 0.01a

by snout on 05-11-2004, 16:54
Topic: Development

We recently reported about the initial release of MuMem, a tool for creating instrument data for several wave memory soundchips, including Konami's SCC. As of today a new version is available. These are the changes:

  • Added support for signed 7-bit data
  • Added a function to invert odd data only
  • Minor bugfixes

TRCAS by Martos

by Ivan on 05-11-2004, 12:00
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

The possibility of loading tapes in MSXturboR computers has been discussed for ages. As MSXturboR computers don't have a cassette connector it was said that Panasonic FS-A1ST and Panasonic FS-A1GT computers weren't fully MSX compliant. Now Martos has created a program that makes possible to load tapes in MSXturboR computers through the PCM input connector.

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