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MuSiXmas Challenge: Fifth entry

by snout on 24-12-2004, 18:33
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

The fifth entry to the MRC MuSiXmas Challenge comes from Joram van Hartingsveldt (ntfaDaedalus). It's a small and happy variation on Jingle Bells created in Moonblaster Wave called Jingle Things.

Illusion City English 0.5

by snout on 24-12-2004, 18:26
Topic: Translations

A new verion of the English translation of Microcabin's turboR RPG Illusion City was released today. In this special Christmas release, disk 1 to disk 6 have completely been translated.

As a Christmas surprise to the MSX community the blueMSX team made two releases today: blueMSX 2.1 and blueMSX launcher 1.1.

The new version of blueMSX adds support for ColecoVision emulator. Like the Spectravideo (which is also emulated by blueMSX), the ColecoVision is closely related to the MSX computer system.

C-BIOS 0.19

by mth on 24-12-2004, 04:21
Topic: Emulation

C-BIOS 0.19 has just been released. Its new features are:

  • Added support for SCREEN4 and SCREEN8.
  • Added support for clock chip.
  • Added support for palette.

MuSiXmas Challenge: Fourth entry

by snout on 23-12-2004, 21:41
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

BiFi sent us the fourth entry to the MRC MuSiXmas challenge: an entry completely written in MSX-BASIC: Oldschool MSXmas.

Metal Gear a virus on Symbian OS?

by snout on 23-12-2004, 21:14
Topic: MSX Related

Manuel Bilderbeek informed us about a Metal Gear virus that disables antivirus software and filebrowsers on Symbian OS. People who run fMSX/S60 to play Konami's Metal Gear on their Symbian phones can relax, as the virus has nothing to do with this combo.


by snout on 22-12-2004, 21:07
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Konamiman has just released a new utility for MSX that allows you to create a ROM image from the contents of a DOS2 RAMdisk. The result can, for instance, be flashed on a Mega Flash ROM cartridge, resulting in a read-only diskdrive with the original contents of the RAMdisk.

Gremlin B.2.3

by snout on 22-12-2004, 20:12
Topic: Development

Cyberknight released a new version of the disassembler called Gremlin. It recognizes both the Z80 and the R800 instruction set and comes with many options that make it easier to disassemble large files.

The second hand gaming store Backgames, located in Leiden, Netherlands, has recently been opened. The free Dutch newspaper/tabloid Spits reported on this, mentioning MSX as one of the systems for which games can be obtained at Backgames.

On December 16th we started the MRC MuSiXmas Challenge. The objective? To create a christmas tune on MSX withih 10 days. The prize? A cool MSX button for every contestant and an ASCII MSX Magazine 1 (including MSXPLAYer) for the winner.

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