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Pasmo 0.5.0

by snout on 19-12-2004, 19:01
Topic: Development

Earlier this year we reported about Pasmo, a Z80 assembler which can be used for cross-development. Recently a new version of the assembler was released. This version can also generate 8086 code from Z80 sources in binary format for MS-DOS .COM files or in CP/M 86 CMD format.

MSXDOS2 cartridge schematics

by snout on 19-12-2004, 18:53
Topic: Hardware

MSXPro have published a new article on how to create an MSXDOS2 cartridge. This cartridge is needed if you want to use MSXDOS2 on an MSX which has not got these ROMS internally. Most (if not all) IDE and SCSI interfaces already contain MSXDOS2 though.

SDCC 0.3

by Bart on 18-12-2004, 19:32
Topic: Development

A new version of the SDCC compiler for MSX was released today. SDCC is an opensource C-compiler for Small Devices. The version Boukichi created compiles C-sources into code that works in an MSX ROM cartridge (.ROM files). In version 0.3 a problem with using global static arrays was fixed.

C-BIOS 0.18

by mth on 18-12-2004, 19:28
Topic: Emulation

C-BIOS 0.18 has just been released. Its new features are:

  • First release since moving to SourceForge.
  • Much improved support for MSX2 games
  • Graphical boot logo
  • Included machine config files for several MSX emulators
  • Various bugfixes

The release is packed in a ZIP file, which contains the ROMs, the source code and emulator configuration files.

Poke-1,170 Airwaves #4 broadcast

by poke-1,170 on 18-12-2004, 19:16
Topic: Music

Sunday the 19th at 00:00 hours, Airwaves #4 will be broadcasted by Enschede FM. This episode of Airwaves is announced as the MSX episode and, as usual, the broadcast will be available online sunday night.

MuSiXmas Challenge: First entry

by snout on 18-12-2004, 12:59
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

We have just received the first entry to the MuSiXmas Challenge from Dioniso Hernandez. He made a nice PSG tune, Navodad, using Desire in Envy's PT3 replayer.

Crisis Force - Ending BGM by Hackurl

by snout on 18-12-2004, 12:42
Topic: Music

HackUrl has released another MSX-style arrangement of an existing song. This time he made a PSG/SCC remix of the ending theme of Konami's Crisis Force. You can download this and many other MSX-related songs from his website.

MRC Downtime

by snout on 17-12-2004, 19:10
Topic: MRC

Today the MRC server suffered from about 10 hours of downtime due to a nasty server crash. It took our ISP quite some efforts to get the server back up and running with a recent backup. In this process a few reactions and forumposts, posted between 0:10 CET and 2:42 CET were lost. If you have sent any mails to the domain during the downtime these mails might not have arrived.

MSX Maps - Super Rambo map added

by snout on 17-12-2004, 19:06
Topic: Websites

MSX Maps contains maps of several MSX games. As of today, the maps of Pack-in Video's Super Rambo are available on MSX Maps as well.

Nyyrikki's Bombaman levels - Updated

by snout on 16-12-2004, 20:29
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

The fourth entry to the Bombaman Level Edit Challenge was contributed by Nyyrikki. Unfortunately he wasn't able to test the levels, which made most of them unplayable. After some help from Team Bomba he managed to create 5 working levels after all.

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