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At Robsy's MSX Workshop the first four projects for the MSXDev'05 game development contest are announced. Two projects, Zambeze and Griel's Quest for the Sangraal, are already advanced enough for some screenshots.

The ever growing retrogaming music archives of Retro PC Game Music were updated with the SCC+ soundtrack of Konami's Knightmare, as included in Konami Game Collection 1.

Disk-Manager 0.09 and MyMSX

by Samor on 08-02-2005, 17:23
Topic: Emulation

A few months ago Rudolf Lechleitner, author of RuMSX, released a new edition of Disk-Manager, a tool to create disk-images and maintain the files in it. Samor just spotted the tool and noticed we had not reported about it before.

A week ago we published a brand new MSX Emulator Comparison and informed a lot of websites about it.


by snout on 07-02-2005, 19:49
Topic: Music

In November 2004, SPL won a music competition at the BCNparty. Later we found out he had been working with ProTracker a lot, creating 9 MSX-MUSIC tunes which were released as an audio CD called Analogy. As of today, the original ProTracker songs can be found in our downloads database.

MSX Posse Retro Days - reminder

by snout on 07-02-2005, 18:18
Topic: Events

Last Saturday we reminded you of the MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg meeting and auction which is going to be held this Saturday. In the same weekend you can visit another MSX meeting in the Netherlands: the MSX Posse Retro Days in Deventer.

SPL's lost Airwaves entry

by snout on 07-02-2005, 17:30
Topic: Music

When we started the MRC Airwaves Challenge, SPL decided to compose an MSX-MUSIC tune for it in Tyfoon's Protracker. After finishing the song he made an MP3 recording of it and sent it, together with the protracker file, in to the MRC.

1.44MB Boot Sector Writer

by snout on 06-02-2005, 22:08
Topic: MSX Related

MSXPro and A&L Software released a tool to write an MSX compatible bootsector on standard IBM formatted 1.44MB disks, allowing you to create bootable floppy disks, to be used in an LS-120 drive connected to MSX by an IDE interface.

Poke -1,170 managed to get a newspost on the MRC Airwaves Challenge on Micromusic, in the Micronewz section.

BMP2MSX Update

by Sonic_aka_T on 06-02-2005, 20:13
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

After nearly four years, the great BMP2MSX utility by HRA! got a minor update. BMP2MSX can convert bitmaps to MSX BLOAD files for screen modes 2 - 12. BMP2MSX allows you to specify a whole host of options, from dithering to error littering, and all this with an easy to use graphic interface.

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