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DSKPro 1.6 and Multi Cartridge 1.1

by snout on 09-03-2005, 20:10
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Marcos Daniel has released a new version of DSKPro, which now comes in English. This new release also incorporates a new font and some optimizations.

The openMSX review in the MSX Emulator Comparison has just been updated, putting the recent release of openMSX 0.5.1 to the test.

MadriSX 2005 - Third photoshoot

by snout on 09-03-2005, 01:09
Topic: Websites

Source: HispaMSX mailinglist

Last Saturday the annual MSX fair in Madrid, MadriSX, was held. We already reported the website was a huge success and showed you a first photoshoot and a second photoshoot and report.

MSX in the Media Challenge 2: 21st nominee

by snout on 09-03-2005, 00:50
Topic: Media

For the third time in a bit more than 1 year, the Japanese magazine iP have published an article on MSX and MSX Emulation. In the most recent edition of iP you can find an article on the history of MSX.

Multi Cartridge

by snout on 09-03-2005, 00:12
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Marcos Daniel has sent us yet another useful piece of software: the Multi Cartridge.

YM2149 VHDL source

by snout on 08-03-2005, 20:55
Topic: Hardware

MikeJ of FPGA Arcade has written an interpretation of the YM2149, also known as the PSG, in VHDL.

IOMBCC entry 5: Sourcered Forces 1.0

by snout on 08-03-2005, 20:36
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

The fifth entry to the IOMBCC (International Obfuscated MSX-BASIC Code Contest) is a really special piece of MSX-BASIC code, conceived by NYYRIKKI, initiator of the contest.


by snout on 08-03-2005, 20:08
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Marcos Daniel, the author of Final Copy and DSKpro, has sent us an update of CHKMEM.

Metal MAX 2 - Final boss song by Hackurl

by snout on 08-03-2005, 19:29
Topic: Music

Hackurl has published an mp3 of the final boss BGM of Metal Max 2. The song was created on MSX in MuSiCa and uses a combination of the PSG, SCC and OPLL sound chips. On Hackurl's website you can listen to this and many other MSX-flavored songs.

On May 26th, Taito and Falcom are to release a Playstation 2 version of YS IV: The mask of the Sun.

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