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Ai no Yabou - new scores added

by Haohmaru on 13-10-2005, 09:21
Topic: Websites

MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg is a dutch MSX club, existing for more than 10 years already. They organize meetings twice a month, you can check upcoming events in our fairs and meetings section.

During these MVM meetings, game competitions are being held.

MSX History was updated with an exclusive interview with Daniel Caetano, author of Knightmare Gold and much other software for MSX including the translation of Snatcher to English and Portuguese.

Also, a new section called 'Newspaper

MSX Piracicaba 2005 photoshoot

by snout on 09-10-2005, 21:31
Topic: Photo shoots

MSXPró have put a photo shoot online taken by the Brazilian MSX user Ginseng during the small MSX Piracicaba 2005 meeting, which apparently was held recently.

Taito Memories for Sony PSP

by snout on 09-10-2005, 16:51
Topic: MSX Related

Taito is to release a collection of classic Taito games for Sony PSP on January 5th, 2006.

Today, djh1697 announced in this forumtopic that the MSX Games Box published his interview with Dennis Hemmings of Konami UK.

Four new maps on MSX Solutions

by mars2000you on 07-10-2005, 13:35
Topic: Websites

MSX Solutions has added four new maps to their MSX game maps collection. With this addition no less than 47 maps are hosted. The latest four maps are:

  • The Treasure Of Usas (Konami, 1987)
  • H.E.R.O.

MSX Café, a new community website for French speakers has opened its doors. With the aim to gather all ex- and new MSX users from France and beyond, MSX Café has put much attention in building a place where everybody is welcome and can come share their MSX experiences around a pint of beer, a few peanuts and hopefully a lot of good laughs.

After this thread appeared on our ever active MSX Forum, we felt it was high time for a new megapoll. This time, our quest is to find out which MSX game has the coolest artwork ever.

On August 21st we opened a new poll, asking our visitors 'How many working MSX computers do you currently own?'.

Dragon Quest VIII - trailer

by snout on 06-10-2005, 12:46
Topic: MSX Related

This November, Square-Enix are to released the eighth part in the Dragon Quest saga, of which the first two parts were released on both MSX1 and MSX2 (Dragon Quest 1, 1986 and Dragon Q

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