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Nijmegen 2006 photoshoot #3

by snout on 26-01-2006, 04:00
Topic: Photo shoots

Ramon Verlinden has published a photo shoot of the MSX fair in Nijmegen on his website. The photo shoot gives a nice overview of the fair.

Konami shooter remix by Hackurl

by snout on 26-01-2006, 02:56
Topic: Music

The Japanese chiptune composer Hackurl has released a remix of the theme songs of several well known Konami shooters. You can download this and many other MSX related mp3 files from Hackurl's website.

JAVA MSX emulators

by snout on 26-01-2006, 02:43
Topic: Emulation

Both an anonymous Korean developer and Erik Duijs have recently released JAVA based MSX emulators with which you can play MSX games on several platforms.

Legend of Game Music - Consumer box II

by snout on 26-01-2006, 02:17
Topic: Music

For the second time, a large box set with classic game music is to be released in Japan. The second Legend of Game Music contains no less than 9 CDs and 1 DVD.

The website of The Darkness God Of Destroy got a little update. First of all, some old content was removed, and some cosmetic changes where made to some of the pages.

MSX Computer Auction

by msxfemale on 23-01-2006, 20:15
Topic: Events

MVM will organise it's annual MSX auction on Saturday, February 11th, 2006. This is a great opportunity to buy or sell your MSX hardware and software. If you've still got some MSX stuff at home you want to get rid of, or are looking for nice MSX goodies, you're welcome to attend. No fees are charged for selling or buying something on the auction, and admission is free as well.

openMSX 0.6.0

by mth on 22-01-2006, 01:11
Topic: Emulation

After a long wait, openMSX 0.6.0 was released today, along with a new version of Catapult, its GUI/launcher.

MSXPad 1.6

by snout on 20-01-2006, 17:56
Topic: Development

SLotman has just released a new version of MSXPad, a Pascal IDE targeted at developing MSX software. In this version, many bugs were fixed and (preliminary) tooltips for functions and procedures were added.

MSXArt'06 - Two in one challenge

by snout on 20-01-2006, 14:07
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

With the results of MSXdev'05 and the MRC Oneliner Challenge just in, and the MSX-BASIC game contest,

MRC Oneliner Challenge - Results

by snout on 20-01-2006, 13:50
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

And there they are, finally: the results to the MRC Oneliner Challenge. Started on August 24, no less than 36 brand new Oneliners were developed in MSX-BASIC within 5 weeks.

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