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Nijmegen 2007 - Reminder

by MSX Resource Center on 07-01-2007, 19:07
Topic: Events

The MSX fair in Nijmegen is to be held on January 20th - which is within less than 2 weeks, so it's high time for a reminder!

Padial Keyboard interface 5

by snout on 07-01-2007, 18:56
Topic: Hardware

Leonardo Padial has released a new version of his Keyboard interface which allows you to use a PC keyboard on an MSX computer. An integrated Z8F0812 controller converts the PC keys to MSX keys. According to Padial the interface is completely Plug and Play on all MSX computers, except on MSX turboR.

MSX80 release 3

by snout on 07-01-2007, 18:49
Topic: Emulation

Following the release of fMSX/S60 1.15, jr has also released an updated version of MSX80, an MSX emulator for Nokia S80 compliant mobile phones.

fMSX/S60 1.15

by snout on 07-01-2007, 18:43
Topic: Emulation

jr has updated fMSX/S60 - the MSX emulator for Series 60 compliant mobile phones, which includes a wide range of Symbian based Nokia cell-phones.

Quattro revisited

by snout on 07-01-2007, 18:39
Topic: Software

After a discussion on our active MSX Forum, John van Poelgeest (Poltergeist) promised to send us the original, non-trained version of his break-out game

Pro Tracker - Binaries edition

by snout on 07-01-2007, 18:05
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Following the addition of Pro Tracker to our freeware MSX downloads corner and a request of spl on our active MSX Forum,

Like last year, MSX Café are publishing an MSX calendar for download. The calendar page for January - Gradius based - was already available for quite a while, now the calendar for February has been released as well.

During the MSX Fair in Nijmegen - which will be held on January 20th - the Dutch MSX group Nowind (Jan Wilmans and Aaldert Dekker) are to demonstarte their upcoming USB Interface for MSX. With the interface you can connect your MSX to a PC in order to access contents on the PC hard drive.

Tsujikawa has updated his ESE-PLD website with new information on the One Chip MSX.

RetroPC have just published a photo shoot of the D4E/Kotobukiya booth at the 71st Comiket market that was held last week.

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