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MSX Party Weekend 2007 photo shoot

by snout on 27-02-2007, 16:49
Topic: Photo shoots

Last weekend MSX Posse hosted the MSX Party Weekend 2007 in Deventer, The Netherlands. Now, they have published a photo shoot taken during the day... and night.

Andrea Rossetti wrote a short guide to build a 16KB ROM for MSX with the "SDCC" C compiler. The entire game source code (C language and some Z80 machine code) is also available to experiment with changes, or to use it as a base for different projects.

MP3 cartridge for MSX

by Ivan on 25-02-2007, 12:17
Topic: Hardware

Jos van den Biggelaar and Dennis Koller (a.k.a. Yobi and DD in our forum, respectively) are currently working in a hardware MP3 player for MSX.

YS Complete Works in EGG PLUS!

by snout on 24-02-2007, 09:26
Topic: MSX Revival

Amusement Center have re-released a bundle of Falcom's classic RPG series YS in EGG PLUS!.

openMSX peashooter 1.0 alpha1

by snout on 24-02-2007, 09:06
Topic: Emulation

Cesco has released a new Mac OSX launcher for openMSX called Peashooter.

The MSX IPS Patch Archive has been updated with a patch that allows you to play SD-Snatcher with a Snatcher SCC+ sound cartridge instead of an SD-Snatcher SCC+ sound cartridge.

MSX Screen Conversor 0.6

by snout on 24-02-2007, 08:52
Topic: Development

A new version of the MSX Screen Conversor - an online toolkit to convert JPG, PNG and GIF files from up to 400kb to SCREEN 2, 5, 8 and 12 - has been released. This version adds support for SCREEN 12 and stretch.

Already announced in September 2006, the time has finally come for the first MSX games to appear in the Japanese Virtual Console channels of the Nintendo Wii game console.

Manbow2 - Imminent release

by Ivan on 23-02-2007, 20:52
Topic: Software

In this thread of our active MSX Forum, Norakomi has just informed that Manbow2 is finished and going to be released in cartridge format within the next two months.

Rune Master collection in EGG PLUS!

by snout on 21-02-2007, 18:07
Topic: MSX Revival

Amusement Center have re-released a bundle of Compile's boardgame RPG series Rune Master in EGG PLUS!.

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