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2KBOS: New unnamed entry

by ARTRAG on 21-05-2008, 16:44
Topic: Software

A beta version of a new entry in the 2KBOS competition has been released. As of yet, the game has no name yet. The file, complete with sources, assembler and compression tools are available.

SjASM 0.39g

by wolf_ on 20-05-2008, 13:06
Topic: Development

A new version of SjASM, XL2s' cross assembler, has been released a few days ago.

Sjasm 0.4 beta 4

by wolf_ on 20-05-2008, 13:00
Topic: Development

A new version of XL2s' cross-assembler Sjasm has been released a few days ago. Fixed in this version is a Sjasm-crash while using structures.

Eggbert goes Wii

by wolf_ on 20-05-2008, 00:51
Topic: Software

IGN reports that the game Toki Tori by Dutch game developers Two Tribes is now available for Nintendo's Wii. This name Toki Tori may not mean much to you, but it's essentially Fony's Eggbert game!

Andrea Rossetti from Italy wrote a brief tutorial on how to build a Bison parser for MSX using the SDCC cross-compiler; the resulting .ROM program can read an input sequence, do a syntax check and perf

A few days ago we reported about part one of the Metal Gear Retrospective trailer.

MSX Solutions - Randar 3

by wolf_ on 18-05-2008, 11:50
Topic: Websites

To boldly map what no MSX'er has mapped before, is only_69's motto. The latest addition to MSX Solutions is Randar 3, perhaps Compile's finest adventure RPG.

Metal Gear Solid 4 tour

by wolf_ on 15-05-2008, 20:54
Topic: MSX Related

Gaming website IGN reports that Hideo Kojima will tour around the world, promoting MGS4, the latest chapter of a game series that once started out on MSX! This was revealed during a two hour press and insider event in Tokyo.

RPG company poll down, game hero poll up

by wolf_ on 15-05-2008, 00:07
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

It's halfway the month again, time for a new poll! Prior to presenting the new poll, let's have a look at the outcome of the RPG company poll from April/May. Which company made the best RPG?

QBIQS - Quarth for MSX1

by Ivan on 12-05-2008, 22:01
Topic: Software

Z80ST Software is working on a game for MSX1 called QBIQS which is based on Quarth, the well-known puzzle/action game released by Konami for

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