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MSX Solutions - Metal Gear

by wolf_ on 18-12-2008, 14:19
Topic: Websites

Ten days ago Brazilian mapmaker only_69 announced his Metal Gear map in this newspost.

Musicchip poll down, MRC-boss poll up

by wolf_ on 17-12-2008, 22:13
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

It's high time for the last poll announcement of 2008! Prior to presenting the new poll, let's have a look at the outcome of the musicchip poll from November/December. How do we feel about a possible 'alien' musicchip in our MSX?

MSX Web Quiz #5

by wolf_ on 17-12-2008, 16:20
Topic: Websites

Ricardo Bittencourt has prepared a new Web Quiz. Previous ones may have been relatively easy, this new one is truly tough! You'll be presented with images of enemies from various games. Rather than the name of the game, you'll be asked to enter the name of the enemy.

Good luck, you'll be needing it!

Active Brazilian developer Muffie, who has recently released conversions of Tutankham (Coleco Vision), Montezuma's Revenge (Coleco Vision), Jungle Hunt (Coleco Vision), Pepper II (Coleco Vision), The Three Dragon Story (Sega Master System) and Mikie (Sega SG-1000), has released a revised version of his first conversion Tutankha

Metal Gear article on Passion MSX

by wolf_ on 08-12-2008, 16:20
Topic: Websites

It's tempting to say: "First there was nothing, then there was Metal Gear". So big was the impact Konami's Metal Gear has made. More than twenty years after its release, trading of the original cartridge is like trading art: with years the value grows.

bgMSX - More than 2,100 MSX songs

by Ivan on 08-12-2008, 12:44
Topic: Music

bgMSX, a site dedicated to MSX music, currently contains more than 2,100 songs from various MSX software.

On Saturday 6th the 34th MSX Users Meeting in Barcelona took place.

Mobile Planet speedrun

by great_knight on 07-12-2008, 11:32
Topic: Software

MSX gamer great_knight has provided the world with a new speedrun: The Roving Planet Styllus (also known as Mobile Planet).

French AZERTY mapping for 1chipMSX

by Atheus on 06-12-2008, 14:46
Topic: Development

Ever since 1chipMSX'es spread across the world, French MSX users regretted not being able to enjoy an AZERTY keyboard. Atheus took some time to understand VHDL (the language used to create the MSX implementation of the Altera FPGA chip), aided by KDL, caro, and Mars2000you.

MSXart Unlimited - the first week

by wolf_ on 06-12-2008, 00:49
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

After MSXart Unlimited went airborne earlier this week, two entries have been submitted already! Some days ago, a tasty piece of art based on the titlescreen of Aleste 2 was submitted. And since yesterday we can witness a new piece of art based on the Konami game Circus Charlie.

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