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Salamander TurboFix and trainer

by sd_snatcher on 28-02-2009, 12:35
Topic: Software

A few weeks ago, a TurboFix for Metal Gear 2 saw daylight. Now a new game has been fixed: Konami's shooter Salamander.

fMSXpSO v1.03

by hap on 26-02-2009, 16:07
Topic: Emulation

A new version of the Japanese emulator fMSXpSO has been released. Changes in this version:

  • Disk processing has been fixed
  • The Nemesis version from Game Collection 3 now works with and without SCC+ cartridge
  • Software that worked in version v1.01 but not in v1.02 now seem to work again
  • For PSG emulation the emu2149 library is used, for SCC emu2212.


by W76NearDark on 24-02-2009, 15:23
Topic: Software

Japanese game developer M-Kai has put his MSX productions on his web site for download recently. One of the games is Pleasure Hearts. Until now that was a very rare side scrolling shoot 'em up game with mindblowing speed, huge numbers of enemies and very nice graphical effects.

M-Kai was also the maker of Kyokugen which also can be downloaded from his site.

Eggbert goes iPhone

by wolf_ on 20-02-2009, 12:14
Topic: MSX Related

A number of days ago, TouchArcade reported that Toki Tori will get an iPhone release. Toki Tori, by game studio TwoTribes, is otherwise known to us as Fony's Eggbert, an MSX2 game released in 1994.

Nijmegen 09 photoshoot

by wolf_ on 16-02-2009, 01:15
Topic: Photo shoots

At last! Finally! Way too late, we know. But, better late than never! Thanks to OeiOeiVogeltje and Manuel Bilderbeek there are Nijmegen '09 photos at MRC.

Hertz interview

by wolf_ on 15-02-2009, 13:39
Topic: Websites

In this forum thread, CRV of the Game Developer Research Institute has announced that he has been talking to Tsunetomo Sugawara, a former employee of

Crimson 1 article

by wolf_ on 15-02-2009, 13:23
Topic: Websites

PassionMSX has published an article about Xtal Soft's RPG Crimson 1, an MSX2 game made in 1987. The article is complete with screenshots of the game, an overview of weapons, magical items, menu options and a walkthrough.

Blue box poll down, MSXdev08 poll up

by wolf_ on 15-02-2009, 12:22
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Another month, another poll. Prior to introducing the new poll, let's have a look at the outcome of the poll running of January/February: how do you write (or prefer to write) the name of that blue new FPGA-based MSX?

Donkeyrol Jukebox updated

by [DK] on 12-02-2009, 00:40
Topic: Music

[DK] has just updated his Jukebox with new MSX and non-MSX tunes!

Starship Rendezvous - Close Encounter

by snout on 08-02-2009, 23:02
Topic: Music

In 1988, Scaptrust released one of the most famous adult games on MSX: Starship Rendezvous.

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