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Game Over dossier at PassionMSX

by Ivan on 24-06-2009, 10:17
Topic: Websites

Few days ago the French MSX website PassionMSX was updated with a dossier on Dinamic's platform/action game Game Over.

retroCRAP Competition 2009

by cesco on 23-06-2009, 16:24
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Have you ever dreamed of entering an MSX competition, but always felt that your programming skills weren't good enough to make a chance in a a serious contest? Did your friends turn their face away after they saw your latest masterpiece? Are you a skilled programmer, but tired of making yet another masterpiece?

MSX Magazines poll down, 1980s poll up

by snout on 22-06-2009, 00:04
Topic: MRC

For no less than three months we have been running a poll asking how you, MRC visitors, value your old MSX Magazines.

The Spanish MSX website has launched the second edition of the MSX-BASIC Contest.

Difficult Move remix

by wolf_ on 17-06-2009, 20:47
Topic: Music

The latest person to make an MRC-account has used his first post to announce a remix. Jorge (commandcom), from Spain has created a remix of Difficult Move, the credits part of the intro of SD-Snatcher.

Big 10 emulator for MSX2

by NYYRIKKI on 15-06-2009, 21:07
Topic: Emulation

NYYRIKKI has released yet another util that probably only he would have thought of developing. It's a BIG 10 gambling machine emulator for MSX2. Say what? Well.. this emulator includes all the features from the original machine including DIP swithes, service switch etc.

35th RU Barcelona - New video

by Ivan on 13-06-2009, 23:57
Topic: Events

Another video about the 35th Barcelona MSX Users Meeting held on 30th May in Barcelona (Spain) has been published, this time on Passion MSX. It is a 15-minute video recorded and edited by Walter, a French MSX user who attended the meeting.

Mystical Caves

by Yukio on 13-06-2009, 13:47
Topic: Software

Cesco got inspired by the ZX Spectrum Crap Games Competition and developed an MSX Game based upon a Spectrum title. The result is called Mystical Caves.

Avião and Snakes

by Yukio on 13-06-2009, 13:37
Topic: Software

More and more Yukio-releases are coming in rapidly, this time they are called Avião and Snakes. The first game is a Blitz-clone, the latter of course a variation on the classic Snakes/Nibbler-genre.

MSXdev09 - More donations

by viejo_archivero on 13-06-2009, 10:38
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

The MSXdev organizers have received new donations for their yearly contest.

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