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Adventure Island slow speedrun

by hap on 30-12-2009, 13:01
Topic: Websites

Like Vampier, MSX cow in disguise Hydragon has also been keeping himself busy with testing openMSX reverse.

Silviana translation patch

by hap on 29-12-2009, 17:16
Topic: Translations

M.I.J.E.T., known in the game hacking and translation scene for his quality Mega Drive game translations, published his first MSX work, a surprise translation of Pack-In-Video's Silviana.

Silviana (also the name of our hero in the game) is a 20 y

MSX Solutions: Magical Kid Wiz

by wolf_ on 28-12-2009, 22:10
Topic: Websites

MSX Solutions celebrates its five years anniversary! In these five years Brazilian mapmaker only_69 has produced a whopping 148 maps. That means not only playing and finishing 148 games, but also editing the maps, getting rid of the sprites and adding helpful markers.

Vampier spends his Xmas days playing MSX games in combination with the reverse function of openMSX, that's the true spirit! As a result of that, he has uploaded two new walk/fly-throughs to his YouTube page.

KdL's unofficial MSX3 logo

by KdL on 26-12-2009, 12:04
Topic: Development

Most people will know KdL from his OCM-PLD Pack, a comfortable update for a bare 1chipMSX that's been at version 2.2 since april 2008. Today, KdL has updated his website with a gift for MSX community: his concept of an unofficial MSX3 logo, provided in several versions, including a wallpaper.

CheatMSX - openMSX Mac added

by wolf_ on 25-12-2009, 12:00
Topic: Websites

CheatMSX has added a new Dev build of openMSX to their website: Dev 11023 (2009-12-25). Apart from the regular Win32 build, CheatMSX has now also added a build for Macintosh (OSX32). Both versions have been build by CheatMSX according to openMSX standards, which means these versions have been build the way the openMSX team would've build them.

MSXdev09 - Results

by viejo_archivero on 22-12-2009, 11:29
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Hate it or love it (just like the grumpy Dr. Pill), but the MSXdev'09 competition is now completely over. Months of hard work have now come to an end with the announcement of the winning entry: Dr. Pill. After receiving this news, the doctor himself just sent us a telegram with the words: "Muhahaha, epic!

MRC in French

by wolf_ on 21-12-2009, 21:36
Topic: MRC

According to our statistics, France ranks the 8th place in our top 10 countries. This is actually the 7th language if you keep in mind that the United States and the United Kingdom share the same language (give or take some deformations).

Django has provided the MSX world a new partial translation, to be found in the goodies at Passion MSX: Laplace's Evil Spirit.

Penguin Wars 2 translation

by max_iwamoto on 20-12-2009, 18:47
Topic: Translations

It's only five days until Christmas and to spread the holiday cheer, MSX Translations treat you to a small patch for the MSX2 ball throwing game Penguin Wars 2. Fans of penguins and arcade action may want to check it out.

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