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Vampier videos: Metal Gear 2

by Vampier on 10-02-2010, 11:46
Topic: Software

Vampier has uploaded a complete walk through of one of Konami's biggest hits and franchises: Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake.

meisei 1.3.1

by wolf_ on 09-02-2010, 23:33
Topic: Emulation

When MRC webmaster hap isn't hunting for outlandishly odd references to be used in his newsposts, he spends part of his time on his little emulation toy: meisei. It's not as big an emulator as 'the big two', and it's restricted to MSX1.

Antarctic Adventure weirdness review

by hap on 09-02-2010, 20:25
Topic: Websites

With Vampier generating half of the MSX game videos on YouTube, of which half gets posted to MRC by MSX- and YouTube fan wolf_, it's unexpected to witness yourself reading this newspost.

Django translations: Devil Hunter

by wolf_ on 07-02-2010, 12:04
Topic: Translations

Django has provided a new translation for fans of the RPG genre: the 1990 game Devil Hunter is now partially translated. Despite being an MSX1 game, the graphics look very detailed and colorful.

Playball III by Sony/Klon had a lot of qualities that could have made it a good game by design, graphics, music, creative voice simulation using the YM2413, and an innovative center-view that allowed the game to be played from the perspective of the pitcher instead of the traditional batter perspective.

Vampier videos: Makaijima - Higemaru

by wolf_ on 05-02-2010, 12:19
Topic: Software

Shiver me timbers! For all ye swashbucklin' sprogs and landlubbers out thar who want to raise the Jolly Roger but only met the cat o' nine tails, scallywag Vampier has created a new video for all ye lily-livered gentlemen o' fortune, Yo-ho-ho.

Photoshop Screen 2 tutorial

by aorante on 05-02-2010, 11:48
Topic: Development

For years aorante has had an MRC account, but only since this month he showed himself to us. His first newspost submission is all about creating graphics. In fact, it's about a little tutorial he has put online in which he explains how to use Photoshop (Elements) in order to create MSX1/screen 2 graphics.

openMSX PuppyRus port

by cax on 03-02-2010, 17:47
Topic: Emulation

MRC translator dim-kut compiled and built openMSX for a Linux distribution called PuppyRus.

Raymond's MSX pagina

by hap on 01-02-2010, 23:04
Topic: Websites

Raymond, not our favourite bird, but the Dutch guy with the big MSX tattoo on his leg, created a new personal website. Unfortunately for non-Dutchies, the tale about the legendary MSX tattoo will remain a mystery, because its carrier's homepage is in Dutch.

MRC Download Charts - January 2010

by wolf_ on 01-02-2010, 21:13
Topic: MRC

And so, with the first month of the new year behind us already, it's high time to look at the monthly downloads statistics. DemonSeed's Descending Theme from Deep Dungeon Adventure proved to be a popular download, as well as the usual Metal Gear franchise. If only Konami would know.. Would they actually know?

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